Translation of please in Spanish:


por favor, interj.

Pronunciation /pliːz//pliz/


  • 1

    por favor
    please sit down (por favor) siéntese
    • pass the salt, please pásame la sal, por favor
    • would you like another one? — yes, please ¿quieres otro? — sí, gracias
    • may I read it? — please do! ¿puedo leerlo? — ¡sí, cómo no! / ¡no faltaba más!
    • say please las cosas se piden por favor
    • don't tell her, please no se lo digas, (te lo pido) por favor
    • stop it, please! ¡para ya, por Dios!

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make happy) complacer
    (satisfy) contentar
    (satisfy) complacer
    we always try to please the customer siempre tratamos de complacer al cliente
    • her progress pleased her parents sus padres estaban contentos con los progresos que hacía
    • you're very hard to please eres muy difícil de contentar / de complacer
    • she's easily pleased / easy to please se contenta con poco / con cualquier cosa
    • you can't please everyone no se puede tener contento / complacer / contentar a todo el mundo
    • All we can say is that it pleased the Lord to do this.
    • He loved the city and it pleased him that she was interested in its history.
    • It pleased him, though he couldn't think of any useful advice he'd given.
    • I could hear a smile over the line and it pleased me.
    • It pleased me to know that he was a very good conversationalist, and was capable of holding intelligent conversation for more than two seconds.
    • It pleased him to know that he might go on, far away from this place.
    • When they told me where they lived I had no idea where Downpatrick was, and it pleased me that now I had a passing acquaintance with the place.
    • It pleased him so much to see her doing new things and living her life.
    • Though it pleased them that the fight was finally over, their losses were overwhelming.
    • Now only happiness lay before them and it pleased her well.
    • It pleased me somehow to be weathered by this deadly wind on my face and to be exposed to a gorgeous icy glare on this sunny afternoon.
    • He said it pleased him, and he was flattered not offended…
    • It pleased Maria to see Isabella able to enjoy herself again.
    • I knew they were just anxious to get started, and it pleased me.
    • It pleased me to see New Jersey State Troopers out in force at the Newark airport.
    • Yet Katherine saw the small mistake, and it pleased her.
    • It grieved her for the same reason it pleased her.
    • And there can be little doubt that, if nothing else, it pleased the Commission and Commissioner.
    • It pleased me no end, trying to make amends for many years of imposed suppression.
    • The dancers before him danced and twirled just for him and it pleased him.
  • 2

    may it please Your Honor … tendría a bien Su Señoría … formal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    we do our best to please hacemos todo lo posible por complacer al cliente (or a todo el mundo etc.)
  • 2

    don't dress up, just come as you please no hace falta que te pongas elegante, ven como quieras / como te parezca
    • do exactly as you please haz lo que quieras
    • just as you please como quieras
    • I understand that editors can hire and fire as they please.
    • People in life quote as they please, so we have the right to quote as we please.
    • Users of such indices can pick and choose as they please in this evolving garden of relationships.
    • And the soft drink industry says students should have the freedom to eat as they please unless their parents say otherwise.
    • We are all entitled to our opinions (and to think mine are a load of codswallop) and to get out there and express them as stridently as we please.
    • Unlike the existing secure camp at Oakington, Cambridgeshire, the centres are expected to be open, with occupants free to come and go as they please.
    • I defend a private club's right to recruit membership as they please.
    • But shoppers can't come and go as they please, nor can they always choose the food they want.
    • For that reason I don't accept the unconditional authority of states to treat their citizens as they please.
    • This incidence does raise several issues, not least of which is the continued lack of a proper policy to find permanent places for these people who continue to flout the law and do as they please.
    • ‘Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please,’ warned Karl Marx.
    • If her relatives do not like it, they can do as they please.
    • Agitate for the freedoms of everyone to worship as they please.
    • More commonly, people seem to opt in and out of the traditional system as they please, positioning themselves to their greatest advantage.
    • A total of 122 animals, of eight species, have been placed in the park; all but the deer are free to move around as they please.
    • That means governments can spend them as they please.
    • Visitors will be able to come and go as they please, and there will be collecting boxes for them to make a donation.
    • The validity of such claims is measured best in Texas, where the big meatpackers have the most freedom to do as they please.
    • Even more than staying in a hotel you will have the freedom to get up when you like, stay up as late as you choose, come and go as you please, and eat when you want.
    • In a way, it's great that we have the luxurious situation that allows people to pretty-much come and go as they please - turning up to sing whenever they fancy.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    please yourself haz lo que te dé la gana informal
    • now we can please ourselves ahora sí podemos hacer lo que nos parezca
    • she can please herself whether she comes or not (que haga lo que quiera:) si no quiere venir, que no venga


  • 1

    without so much as a please or thank you sin pedir por favor ni dar las gracias