Translation of pleased in Spanish:


satisfecho, adj.

Pronunciation /plizd//pliːzd/


  • 1

    (satisfied) satisfecho
    (happy) contento
    she is very pleased with the results está muy contenta/satisfecha con los resultados
    • I'm very pleased for you! me alegro mucho por ti
    • she was very pleased with herself estaba muy ufana
    • I ampleased! ¡cuánto me alegro!
    • I'm so pleased you could come! ¡(cuánto) me alegro de que hayas podido venir!
    • to be pleased at/about sth
    • I was pleased at the news me alegré con la noticia
    • they were pleased about her appointment se alegraron de su nombramiento
    • to be pleased to + inf
    • I'd be pleased to help you te ayudaría con mucho gusto
    • I am pleased to inform you that … tengo el placer de / me complace comunicarle que …
    • Everyone was happy and very pleased that the problem was taken care of.
    • He seemed genuinely happy and pleased that so many people were out to see the band, and showed the crowd humility and pleasure.
    • I was a conferee with the Senate on that bill, and I'm very, very pleased that the stronger, in many cases, House provisions were included.
    • Pamela was smiling warmly at his response, obviously pleased that he realized his oversight.
    • And then immediately after that he shut down the airspace around the country, to his credit, and I'm pleased that step was taken.
    • I was increasingly unhappy with the whole idea as time went on, and I'm very pleased that it's no longer happening.
    • He added: ‘I'm very pleased that we have been able to set a budget that will enable us to do more to tackle those identified priorities.’
    • I am really pleased about this as it's an event that is important to a lot of people and one that always attracts big crowds to the Evesham match venue.
    • I'm pleased that I'm alive and home getting better and hopefully I'll be back to school soon.
    • Well, we're certainly very pleased that it has come.
    • Sandie gave me a knowing smile, seemingly pleased that she had ‘diagnosed’ us as a couple so well.
    • ‘Hey guys, glad you could join us,’ she smiled genuinely pleased that they had come on a double date with them.
    • So we are very, very pleased that this Land Transport Amendment Bill simplifies the logbook regime for truck-drivers.
    • Bonnie smiled, secretly pleased that the girl was now talking.
    • ‘I was absolutely delighted to hear the news and also very pleased that Ian himself wanted to play in this big match,’ said Byas.
    • ‘I'm pleased that so many people have turned up here,’ he said.
    • She smiled, inwardly pleased that he felt the same way about her as a challenge as she did towards him.
    • I smiled to myself, overly pleased that he believed in me that much.
    • The Queen was said to be ‘delighted’ with her new granddaughter, and pleased that mother and baby were doing well.
    • I'm especially pleased that as one of her last acts as president, she has worked to institute a pilot project to train more women leaders who will reflect the full diversity of our union.