Translation of plenary in Spanish:


plenario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈplɛnəri//ˈpliːnəri/


  • 1

    (session/meeting) plenario
    • The plenary meeting of the People's Consultative Assembly's Annual Session skirted controversy on the issue of a regional representatives faction when it referred to the issue to be discussed in a commission.
    • At 9 am it closes until 1 pm, thereby permitting the attendees to attend the plenary session, best paper awards, seminars, and lunch.
    • Governors, regents and mayors will also attend the plenary meeting at the national legislative complex.
    • The participants in the plenary session when the report was presented said that the recommendations made in the first report had been implemented and Bulgaria maintained a high level of operational safety.
    • The Council session on Saturday, June 11, ran concurrently with the annual meeting plenary session.
    • There will be plenary talks between the two official delegations.
    • The observers will play a full role in their groups, take part in committee meetings and attend plenary sessions without voting rights.
    • When the Society for Cinema Studies asked me to sit on the plenary panel addressing the ‘State of the Profession’ in March, I hesitated.
    • The committee's report will be discussed at a 9 March assembly plenary meeting.
    • Of the assembly's 272 members, 266 attended a plenary session for the voting.
    • March would have seen the First Minister and Deputy First Minister and executive confirmed by the Assembly with a plenary meeting of the North South Ministerial Council.
    • These candidates will then be asked to attend a plenary session of the council to explain their policies and visions.
    • It means that at least 448 legislators have to attend a plenary meeting to endorse the fourth phase of amendments.
    • The conference, structured in plenary meetings and task forces, enabled the two superpower adversaries to edge slowly toward greater understanding.
    • Computer science students often learn best through hands-on experimentation and tinkering with technology, and as Jamie Boyle noted in his plenary talk, unplanned experimentation often bears the biggest educational fruit.
    • ‘I'm very excited to see the plenary speakers,’ he said.
    • He was back at work later in the day and briefly took up his parliamentary seat during the start of the National Assembly's plenary session.
    • The plenary meeting met the quorum as it was attended by 31 councillors, or more than two-thirds of the 45 members of the regency council.
    • As soon as the translation went through in Arabic, many Moroccans and other delegates from Islamic countries were on their feet shouting in Arabic, chanting, and heading for the plenary stage.
    • His proposal, outlined during a plenary session of the conference, triggered a lively debate among conference participants.
    • The annual meeting plenary sessions were held Saturday morning and afternoon.
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    plenary powers (masculine plural) plenos poderes
    • plenary indulgence indulgencia plenaria
    • The question that arises Constitutionally is, is the plenary power referred limited to matters which go forward from the date of referral?
    • Indeed, as Richard points out, the plenary indulgence first given to the Crusaders soon ceased to be the primary motive for undertaking a Crusade.
    • They talk about the Republican legislature having plenary power, et cetera, et cetera.
    • While the Vatican promises plenary indulgences for various pilgrim activities, such spiritual benefits play a rather insignificant part in the overall plan of activities.
    • Obviously, the trustworthiness, perspicuity and plenary inspiration of Scripture cannot be maintained aside from the belief that the Bible is a thoroughly self-consistent whole.
    • They take as their point of reference the Holy Year of 1300 when Boniface VIII proclaimed the Church's first Jubilee and granted a plenary indulgence to all pilgrims; 200,000 of the faithful came.
    • By contrast, there is nothing in the history that led up to the ratification of the 21st Amendment to suggest that there would have been any reason to give the states plenary power over interstate commerce regarding alcohol.
    • Now, the plenary power for immigration, which means the ability to make law with respect to immigration, rests with the Congress of the United States, not with an appointed trade representative.
    • Yes, I believe the word of God is inerrant, it is infallible, it is the completely sufficient, plenary, verbally inspired word of God.
    • It affirms the plenary inspiration and inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures, original sin, substitutionary atonement and justification by faith.
    • A plenary indulgence may be gained each day up to and including November 8th, by visiting a cemetery and there praying for the holy souls and the Pope's intentions.
    • On the other hand, where there is no intelligible standard and where the legislature has given a plenary discretion to do whatever seems best in a wide set of circumstances, there is no ‘limit prescribed by law’.
    • During this reargument it became obvious that the tribunal had intended a limited argument on four new transaction summary tables attached to the reasons, but not a plenary reargument on all the findings in the reasons.
    • Hamilton was given the post of Inspector-General with plenary power.
    • The President has plenary power to engage in war and surveillance.
    • The disciplinary committee will have plenary powers and their decisions will have to be to Leinster Council.
    • Being a student of medieval history, I've been aware for a long time of the doctrine of plenary indulgences within the Catholic Church.
    • In fact, there was a nice irony in the Pope declaring a plenary indulgence for the millennium year only a few days before the Lutheran / Roman Catholic announcement on justification.
    • It is important that we go to confession and receive Holy Communion, attend Mass and visit the cemetery to gain a plenary indulgence for the Holy Souls.