Translation of plentiful in Spanish:


abundante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈplɛntɪf(ə)l//ˈplɛntɪfʊl//ˈplɛn(t)əfəl/


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    (resources/harvest) abundante
    pears are plentiful or in plentiful supply at this time of year en esta época del año hay peras en abundancia / hay abundancia de peras
    • Animals were plentiful for hunting, and there was an abundance of wild cereals on the mountain ridges.
    • Traders say it would take some time before fruits become a plentiful commodity in these parts.
    • Skilful, robust and inspirational players are plentiful in this part of the land.
    • Because I had to give up my work as a consultant mechanical engineer money is not too plentiful.
    • The hint of heat and the consistency of the plentiful golden korma was perfect.
    • I stuffed the bottle with scraps of paper and tinder-dry sticks of which there was a plentiful supply.
    • The full tillering capacity of wheat is only realised if plants are widely spaced and have plentiful nutrition.
    • We've decided to keep the TV in the bedroom on low so that we hear the sirens, so sleep will not be plentiful I fear.
    • These were not as plentiful as the player would have liked, for one who has been interested in football since he could walk.
    • And plentiful research shows that working at home permits greater leisure time.
    • Celebrations were plentiful and the overall spirit of the night was very high.
    • Winter-flowering pansies and violas are in plentiful supply for this job.
    • My duck was the best I have tasted: tender meat with crispy skin, and, to top it all, plentiful.
    • The only work he had ever known was as a musician - and the gigs weren't that plentiful.
    • Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.
    • Mrs. Tuitt was and is a good role model at a time when these are not plentiful.
    • Space up front is plentiful and adults can sit in the back for short journeys.
    • Transport in Beijing is plentiful in the shape of regular buses, minibuses, subways and taxis.
    • On the night of the celebration, the beer was refreshing and the doughnuts were plentiful.
    • Now entertainment is plentiful, and much of it is more entertaining than politics.