Translation of plenty in Spanish:


abundancia, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈplɛnti//ˈplɛn(t)i/


  • 1

    abundancia feminine
    in plenty en abundancia
    • For a democracy enjoying peace and plenty, the terms of the Bill were sweeping.
    • Music has given Sudha plenty in life and she plans to give back to it some in her own special way.
    • On Christmas Day, at least, we hope to bring plenty and warmth to all such cases.
    • That way he has plenty to feed himself, as well as some of his garden's pests.
    • Those of vague faith hold a perfectly reasonable and defensible position in a world of plenty.
    • Faced with such plenty, it is hard to understand how anyone could go hungry in this part of the world.


  • 1

    (large, sufficient number)
    he's the best actor I've seen and I've seen plenty es el mejor actor que he visto y he visto a muchos
    • there are plenty more in here aquí hay muchos/muchas más
  • 2

    plenty of mucha
    • I wasn't bored, I had plenty of books no me aburrí, tenía muchos libros
    • we may not be much good, but there are plenty of us no seremos demasiado buenos, pero somos muchos
  • 3

    (large, sufficient quantity)
    there was plenty to eat había comida en abundancia
    • there's plenty more in here aquí hay mucho más
    • $50 is plenty 50 dólares es más que suficiente
  • 4

    plenty of mucha
    • we've got plenty of time tenemos tiempo de sobra
    • he's done plenty of studying for the exam ha estudiado mucho para el examen
    • the food wasn't very good, but there was plenty of it la comida no era muy buena, pero había mucha
    • you need rest and plenty of it necesitas descansar, y mucho


informal, dialect

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    she must love him plenty debe quererlo mucho
    • it's plenty good enough for me está perfectamente bien para mí