Translation of plenum in Spanish:


pleno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplinəm//ˈpliːnəm//ˈplɛnəm/

nounPlural plenums

  • 1

    pleno masculine
    • The seventh and eight plenums, held in August and November 1999, began preparations for the Ninth National Party Congress scheduled for the first quarter of 2001.
    • The Central Committee's plenum reiterated its determination to shore up the party's ability to govern the country.
    • The week-long plenum that opened April 10 in Hanoi has signaled that preparations are well under way for next year's party congress (one is held every five years).
    • A further plenum of the Central Committee met in Wuhan on 28 November.
    • Labour's support is needed to send the bill to committee and then to the full plenum for passage in three separate votes that would set the ball rolling toward an election as early as February.
    • That led to speculation that things might come to a head at the fourth plenum of the 16th Central Committee later this month.
    • So decided the socialist plenum over the weekend.
    • Islam views the world as a plenum, capable of neither diminishment nor amplification.
    • The purpose of the directives will be to " catch up with the new situation " following the fourth plenum of the Communist Party central committee held from September 16 to 19.
    • During the committee's 12th plenum, which ended Tuesday, the body voted separately for individual candidates.
    • The struggle is likely to come to a head at the next plenum of the Communist Party Central Committee due later this month.
    • The plenum was of crucial symbolic importance for Mr Hu.
    • In a break with party tradition, he started publishing the agenda of the party's plenums to make them available for public debate.
    • Then they hand out little circular mirrors to each member of the plenum.
    • Molotov lost the post of foreign minister in 1949; and, from 1952, his career fell into eclipse when Stalin criticized him at a Central Committee plenum.
    • He said the next plenum of the central committee, scheduled after local party congresses from August this year to before March next year, will touch upon personnel matters for a new party leadership.
    • The growing number of resignations from the party was discussed at every level of the conference - in the plenum itself as well as during the breaks.
    • The decision-making Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam started a plenum Monday in Hanoi to prepare documents for the party's congress scheduled for March next year, according to party sources.
    • Since the second meeting also assembled a quorum, the two plenums yielded two mutually exclusive, but equally valid, results.