Translation of pliers in Spanish:


alicate, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplaɪərz//ˈplʌɪəz/

plural noun

  • 1

    alicate masculine
    alicates masculine
    pinza feminine River Plate
    pinzas feminine River Plate
    a pair of pliers un(os) alicate(s)
    • The metal slips a little, but locks in the double knot at crooks he's bent with the pliers.
    • For the bolt turns, use vise grips or pliers to hold the bolt below the nut, to unscrew the nut.
    • Picking up a pair of discarded pliers he snipped two wires and replaced some of the others.
    • You'll need either needle-nose pliers or large tweezers with flat ends that meet tightly.
    • The tools used are easily available: pliers, wire cutters, a file and a small mallet.
    • With pliers, bend the wire ends back into the button so they won't snag the garment fabric.
    • The array of pincers, pliers, and other stuff required to sink the teeth into a crab or lobster is enough to scare most people away.
    • Merely push the pins down and use a pair of needle nose pliers to push the pin out.
    • These pliers trim wire which you'll need to do if you install switches or rewire a lamp.
    • And I have a pair of pliers with screwdriver and knife attached.
    • He called for some pliers, disconnected the wire, and removed the fairing.
    • For three years I've been bleeding our radiators by using a set of longnose pliers to grip the screw-end.
    • Right next to his corpse, electric wires, clippers, pliers, and screwdrivers lie strewn across the sidewalk.
    • Anyone who has struggled with screwdrivers and needle nose pliers, will be happy with the mechanism here.
    • Using round-nose pliers, unbend the wire handle ends inside the box and feed on large beads with large holes.
    • If you won't take a multi-tool, at least take a pair of needle-nose pliers and a screwdriver of each denomination!
    • Place the blade in a vice when possible or use a second pair of pliers or vice grips to hold the blade while you turn the barrel.
    • The stripper is simply a small hand tool that resembles a pair of cutting pliers.
    • Now replace the wire loop on the back of the pliers and pull the wire across the top of the bottom wire to form a right angle.
    • I always take some wire crimps and crimping pliers and a few swivels.