Translation of plough in Spanish:


Pronunciation /plaʊ//plaʊ/

transitive and intransitive verb & noun


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    • I was an experienced farmer, able to plow the land, plant, fertilize, weed and cut the sugar cane.
    • The rest of my time was devoted to ploughing the sun-scorched earth, tanning buffalo hides, and fighting off grizzled-bears with my trusty bowie-knife!
    • A car had plowed into one cyclist, and when the cyclist fell he caused a group of cyclists to fall, too.
    • The first of these was uncovered by a farmer ploughing his fields in 1962, and most are dedicated to Dionysus.
    • A young couple from Scotland died when their sightseeing aircraft ploughed into a mountainside in New Zealand.
    • A bus driver was hailed a hero today for saving the lives of his passengers when a car ploughed head-on into his bus.
    • If he decides to plough an area that has not been treated in the past ten years, he must consult with Duchas.
    • Generally, surface compaction only affects one crop year if the field is plowed before the next crop.
    • The volume of land that is being ploughed each year is getting greater, and the tree loss just that bit more, all conspiring to wash more soil into the river each winter.
    • As it begins to look as though the plane will plough into the water, panicked screams fill the cabin.
    • However, while trying to improve his position, Chevrolet driver Alain Menu hit him on the second lap, causing Jaeger to run out of road and plough through the gravel.
    • Another major emitter of pollution is farming, which releases carbon dioxide when the earth is ploughed and during other activities.
    • Giving Ching some seeds from the south, Wang Lung tells him that he will help plow Ching's land with the newly bought ox.
    • With the first of the summer rains expected at any time now and hence the need to plough the fields in preparation for sowing, the people do not have any seeds to plant.
    • Most farmers still ploughed the land in the English manner with deep and complete turned furrows.
    • Approximately twice as much land could be ploughed with two ploughteams in a day as with one.
    • To carry out the order, the policemen took a tractor and ploughed up the field.
    • She died in hospital from the injuries she suffered when three vehicles ploughed into the car on a busy dual carriageway near Malton.
    • As I was crossing Main, a car nearly plowed into me.
    • The car in which Emma was travelling ploughed into a field between Otley and Harrogate in November 2003.
    • A lorry driver had a lucky escape after his vehicle and a tractor apparently collided and the lorry ploughed into a hedge.
    • Last week a car ploughed into a lamp post leaving two men fighting for their lives, although it has not been suggested the car was speeding.
    • This meant they could raise animals to eat them or to use them for their milk and their hides, and to plow the land to grow crops.
    • It is difficult to plough the land and I have no older children and no uncle to help me.
    • A family watching late-night television got the shock of their lives when a car ploughed into their hallway.
    • Each time a car ploughs through the hedge, Mr Painter is left with the bill to fix it, which can cost up to £1,000.
    • A 15-year-old boy was killed in front of his father and brother when a speeding stolen car ploughed into him on a pedestrian crossing.
    • Twenty ferries are slowly being replaced by bridges to connect orderly rural villages where man and buffalo still struggle to plow tiny paddy fields.
    • Then, last Wednesday, A Mercedes-Benz station wagon plowed nearly full speed into the back of our car while it was stopped at a traffic light.
    • Detectives are trying to piece together the mystery behind a series of incidents leading to a four-wheeled drive car ploughing across a field at Witham and into a stock of new vehicles.
    • A 1.5 metre long slab of the brick wall was dislodged after the truck ploughed front-first into the door.
    • Hooper led his men over plowed fields in search of a place to cross the creek.
    • The incident happened on September 1, when a driver careered off a road adjoining the lake, crashing through a drystone wall and ploughing into the water.
    • All the adults had died instantly when the cars they were travelling in ploughed into a wall.
    • A teenage driver who was critically injured when his car ploughed into railings outside a house has died in hospital.
    • The authority is concerned that land is being ploughed in order to prevent access to ramblers who will soon be granted far greater freedoms under coming legislation.
    • On a cold winter night, a mother driving with her children loses control of her car, plows off the road and crunches into a rock.
    • I plan to symbolically plough a field in each country in order to meet other farmers and learn new ways of working the land.
    • With each spell of rain, farmers plough the fields to prevent weeds from growing.
    • He remembers that, as a child, while his father plowed a field in an annual ceremony, he was left in the shade of a rose apple tree.