Translation of ploughman in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈplaʊmən//ˈplaʊmən/

nounPlural ploughmen


  • 1

    • James was a hard-working farmer, who was a champion ploughman and cattle breeder.
    • Bill, who died following a long illness was a black smith by trade and an expert ploughman who won many ploughing competitions at county level as well as the All Ireland Ploughing Championship in Limerick in 1948.
    • Even the senior ploughmen found the grassland difficult enough to get the depth.
    • Often listed with the number of ploughs, it has been assumed that most would have worked as ploughmen, domestic servants and dairymaids.
    • With few marketable skills or capital upon their arrival, Irish men secured only a tenuous foothold in the province's secondary labour market, working as labourers, harvesters, ploughmen and general farm hands.
    • Taller than either Walter or Johen, and very thin, he did not look like Walter's mental image of a plowman, especially not one coming from a northern county.
    • An earlier agricultural contest, the ploughing match, tested both the ploughman's skill and the plough's efficiency.
    • In their heyday in the Victorian era, these powerhouses of energy could plough 20 times faster than a horse-drawn ploughman and his team and were transported from farm to farm.
    • In, say, 12 th-century France, the ox behind which a man plowed a field changed, but otherwise the plowman was doing what generations of his ancestors had done and what generations of his descendants would do.
    • In fact, a sizeable number was left behind, including the poorest inhabitants of the land such as vinedressers, ploughmen, and artisans.