Translation of plug in Spanish:


tapón, n.

Pronunciation /pləɡ//plʌɡ/


  • 1

    tapón masculine
    to put in/pull out the plug poner/quitar / sacar el tapón
    • So I made my own, with a piece of cardboard and a sink plug.
    • She also said bottled water on the ward was now available to patients, sinks had been fitted with plugs, and new bathmats had been brought in.
    • The two-year-old had been sharing a bath with her eight-year-old sister Chloe when she suddenly pulled out the plug and stuck her finger down the plughole.
    • It seemed to work, after filling both sinks and the bath, pulling all the plugs at the same time, all the water disappeared in reasonably quick time.
    • But when I was a kid I thought that if you took the plug out of the bath while you were still in it you would be sucked down with the water.
    • Then, when you're done, you pull out the plug and the water runs away.
    • I removed the drain plug and water began pouring out.
    • Its rather like pouring water into a bath without putting the plug in.
    • My bath in Japan had a rubber ball instead of a plug.
    • A selection of 3 or 4 different sized bath plugs - how many Spanish hotels don't have them and require a deposit to get one?
    • Often there is hot water but never a plug for the washbasin.
    • Can't comment on the ladies, but the gents did not smell very fresh and lacked a plug to the hand basin.
    • The government is preparing to throw an extra £19 billion away over the next four years stuffing the NHS with extra cash - like trying to run a bath with the plug out.
    • There are no plugs for the bath or basin and the shower fitting does not fit the shower.
    • Along the way you'll encounter bath plugs, rubber ducks and get the obligatory soaking from intermittent showers.
    • This wastes more that five litres every minute; turning the tap off or putting the plug in the basin will cut the amount of water used, and lost during these tasks.
    • So the tap had to be turned on as well as the plug put in the bath.
    • Everything that looks gold - from ceilings to bath plugs - is gold.
    • We didn't have a plug in the bath, and the shower attachment couldn't be… attached.
    • There was the sudden sound of water flooding into a drain as somewhere nearby a plug was pulled from a sink.
  • 2

    • 2.1Electricity

      (attached to lead) enchufe masculine
      (socket) toma de corriente feminine
      (socket) enchufe masculine
      (socket) tomacorriente(s) masculine Latin America
      a two-pin/three-pin plug un enchufe de dos/tres clavijas
      • Then I found it was plugged into a plug under the sink.
      • The big rod flexed again and again, driving the plug across the water.
      • Do you think that uncovered plugs and switches pose a hazard, or is that being too picky?
      • Carrying plugs festooned with treble hooks is a price that is inevitably paid by the penitent plug fisherman.
      • There is also rock fishing at Europa Point below the Lighthouse for bass fishing, spinners and plugs - though a rubber sand eel on a light trace would be the better bet.
      • They are often placed behind light fittings or plugs.
      • A little before six o'clock, we were casting plugs about a mile above St. Anthony Falls when the Patrick Gannaway, a towboat, came chugging upriver with two barges.
      • Spinning artificial lures such as bar spoons and plugs offered great sport and this led some anglers to develop the idea that Atlantic Bass could be caught on an artificial lure and with a fly-rod.
      • Inventor Adrian Oldham has designed a gadget aimed at preventing children playing with plugs and electric sockets.
      • An inverter module with a cigarette lighter plug on it would allow the things to be used in cars, boats, and RVs.
      • It's a great idea because even older homes usually have a phone jack and several electrical plugs in each room.

    • 2.2spark plugElectricity

      bujía feminine

  • 3informal

    to give sth a plug darle publicidad a algo
    • I never wanted my blog to be a place where I make shameful plugs for products.
    • And while I'm at it, here is another plug for my brother's stained glass studio, Glass Threshold.
    • Media outlets are filled with ads, commercial plugs and vapid - or corrosive - content leaving the impression that gifted artists sell out to the almighty dollar sooner or later.
    • Some games, while managing to capture the feeling of speed from the movie, sold out their street cred with the number of commercial plugs scattered through the game.
    • I don't give plugs as a rule, but I make an honourable exception for the annual Saints & Sinners meeting at Hamilton on Wednesday.
    • ‘No free plugs in my paper,’ I was saying to myself in my head.
    • Of course, I had to get that little plug in there for my big bosses.
    • Its good for cricket in East Yorkshire, and the numerous plugs for the game on national radio also gets the town of Hornsea nationwide publicity
    • If you're in the Bay Area, I'm about to make a rare and unusual plug for a Stanford event.
    • What about dumping the crazy-young-doing-crazy-stuff style adverts that dominate on TV today and turning instead to the creation of simple plugs for brands of dry sherry and short breaks to Madeira?
    • I'll put in another plug for their courses on tape.
    • Every day there are ‘news items’ in regional news broadcasts about the opening of some new factory, with thinly-veiled plugs for features and benefits of the new product.
    • Last weekend, stunned listeners were treated to a plug for a piece by a former Supreme Court judge.
    • Add to that editorial advertising, plugs for products in articles in publications of all kinds, and you know you (the consumer) are being assailed from all sides.
    • On the other hand, the televised games are damaged by the profusion of commercial plugs, logos and the like.
    • Product plugs and placements not only reflect societal trends, their entire purpose is to convince consumers that they ‘need’ the good or service portrayed.
    • To conclude on an off-topic note, I would like to present you, my tiny and loyal audience, with another of those shameless plugs for interesting friends who have just taken to blogging.
    • The film is littered with blatant plugs for a variety of brand names.
    • And you all will have to forgive me for that shameless plug.
    • Hey, Carlos, before I get into this next shameless plug, will you join us on the radio again tonight?
  • 4

    (of tobacco)
    rollo masculine
    • Rumor had it that he had once given our catcher on the baseball team a big plug of chewing tobacco to try out.
    • Goya shows them sitting on rocks under a bare tree, cutting plugs of contraband tobacco, with a coil of rope on the ground, handy for tying up victims.
    • The Bryants assumed that the children wanted candy, but the mother bought tobacco and gave each a plug; this became their weekly treat.
    • A woman stays around the store till she get old as Methuselah and still can't cut a little thing like a plug of tobacco!
    • They treated the mules as pets, fed them treats, cleaned their stables, treated their sores, and even shared plugs of tobacco with them.
    • This type of smokeless tobacco comes in loose leaf, plugs or twists.
    • The whole country divided on the issue of a few plugs of tobacco?
    • They both drink from Tom's liquor flask and Casey chews a plug of tobacco.
  • 5fire plug

    boca de incendio feminine
    grifo masculine Chile

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(block, fill)

      (gap/hole) tapar
      (gap/hole) rellenar
      the new law will plug these loopholes la nueva ley eliminará estas lagunas
      • to plug a gap in the market llenar un hueco en el mercado
      • So I decided that I should plug this gap in my education and rented a few tapes of big matches to try and figure out how hurling works.
      • She plugs the hole with digested wood known as "frass."
      • Thousands of local authority workers could face cuts to their pension benefits as all 15 councils in Yorkshire and the Humber try to find a way to plug the gaping black hole in their schemes.
      • And then, while billions are spent to plug this hole, the excuses will fly fast and far, but the reason will be simple: greed.
      • Now that they have managed to plug the gap, the Dons are letting him leave Pittodrie.
      • Governor Gray Davis took steps last week to plug some of the holes in that budget, but the measures have been painful.
      • She plugs the hole with digested wood known as ‘frass.’
      • Mergers such as DaimlerChrysler were carried out to help expand market share, enter new markets, and plug product gaps.
      • It has started preparing next year's budget weeks earlier than usual to ensure it plugs the budget gap in time.
      • Rather than sit about and fuss over the ideal way to fix the problem, the group took a quick, short step to plug the hole.
      • Ignore the hype: plug up your ears and shut off the television.
      • Using X-ray guidance, the doctor places an expandable disk into the defect, which plugs the hole.
      • Thinking again, she plugged the sink's hole, just to be sure.
      • Instead of bailing water out of the leaky vessel, Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown are trying to plug the leak.
      • And once again, she was racing ahead, with eyes cast downward and ear buds plugging her ears.
      • Therefore, trying to fill our emptiness with anything other than spiritual pursuits is like trying to plug a round hole with a square cork.
      • The Clippers never will amount to more than playoff wannabes until they plug the gaping holes in their interior defense.
      • The city approved a $350,000 grant for the project to plug the gap between the $2.11 million project cost and the $1.76 million in funding sources that already had been identified.
      • Pheobe plugged the drain in the sink and filled it up with warm water.
      • Our understanding of each phenomenon is incomplete, but the scientific approach to plugging gaps in our knowledge is not to create a new anti-theory that dismisses the underlying phenomenon.
      • The mere mention of ethnic diversity has academics plugging their ears and slamming paper bags over their heads.
      • In the past month, the team has added four new starters on offense and perhaps two more on defense, effectively plugging the holes left from a turbulent offseason.
      • Obviously disgusted he couldn't do anything naughty there, he had moved back around, in front of her, to use his fingers to plug her nostrils.
      • He said crews aggressively attempt to plug leaks, but new leaks frequently open where patches had earlier been applied.
      • Once people understand what is going on in their economy they will be more interested in plugging some of the holes in the leaky economic bucket.
      • I couldn't work in a situation where I thought I was only here to plug a hole.
      • If the defensive holes aren't plugged, the Quakes' season could go down the drain in a hurry.
      • BMP Additional Commissioner P K Srihari said that officials were working on plugging loopholes in the TDR scheme - to prevent document duplication and use of fake TDR certificates.
      • She plugged the drain and waited for clean water to fill up the bath.
      • Now the government is set to plug the loophole in the law aimed at keeping drinkers off pavements and roadways.
      • The company plugs one hole or advises customers to take a certain measure, and the hackers find four ways around it.
      • Special Constables are voluntary police officers who give up their time to plug the hole in police resources.
      • The company apologized profusely and said it plugged the security hole, but privacy advocates have their doubts.
      • Some children with congenital heart abnormalities have fine tungsten spirals inserted into the heart to plug small holes between the cavities of the two ventricles.

    • 1.2(use as stopper)

      to plug sth into sth
      • straw had been plugged into the gaps los huecos se habían tapado / rellenado con paja

  • 2

    (record/book) hacerle propaganda a
    (book/record) darle publicidad a
    (record/book) hacerle la cuña a Venezuela
    • We don't expect him to really use the products he plugs (and indeed, there are so many of them that he'd have to build a new house just for them).
    • Wind her up and she plugs your product on promotion tours and TV - all in an ‘honest, objective’ endorsement.
    • The pair have been plugging each other's products for a couple of years now in a bid to try and offer a ‘triple play’ service to rival cablecos NTL and Telewest.
    • The firm will send promotional mailings next month plugging Boston and Cambridge to its top 15,000 British travel customers.
    • What a surprise to see a wallaby had escaped from a marsupial centre in the area, just weeks before the official opening which you obligingly plug the date of.
    • With readers flocking to their Web postings, execs are finding blogs useful for plugging not just their products but their points of view.
    • He has expressed his horror that his writings are being plugged on the British National Party website.
    • She received a massive, multi-million dollar payment to help plug Leitch's upcoming book.
    • And the girls have been on a promotional tour of Europe, plugging Sound of the Underground.
    • Ads plugging the new all-in-one products have already appeared in the press.
    • Who needs television when the products and programmes are plugged endlessly on our stages?
    • Excellent material for anyone who does scenario planning - and I'm not just saying that because he plugs Techdirt as a publication he reads.
    • He says that when they approached him to plug the Snout record he gave them a price he knew they could afford.
    • The interview does give plenty of background on the director's career, and he gets a change to plug the vastly superior Metropolis at the end.
    • No matter what problem a caller has, he will not hesitate to plug some 30 dollar spyware program that probably contains spyware in itself.
    • The distinctive voice and gripping lyrics of German vocalist and producer Enik have been plugged through his recent vocal work on Funkstorung's album, Disconnected.
    • I've plugged Teller's writing on this blog over the years.
    • He sits in a specially provided armchair, in front of display boards plugging the University's mission and achievements.
    • When Bitton is not thinking about politics or plugging his documentary, he's poring over ancient manuscripts, books and articles.
    • After the commercial, they plugged the Drowning Pool song.
  • 3

    • 3.1slang dated (shoot)

      balacear Mexico
      llenar de plomo informal
      • I was calm, even though someone could try to plug me from that range and have a thirty-to-fifty percent chance of success.
      • You defer to the man you fear because he'll plug you if you don't.
      • As EastEnders finished last night, the nation exhaled, put the kettle on and began to argue: who plugged Phil Mitchell?
      • I raised the little .22 and plugged him between the shoulders.
      • Tragically, big brother never gets to see his junior realize his dreams, when he gets fatally plugged by Anonymous Gun-Toting Thief.
      • If anyone plugs him, it'd ‘be appreciated and rewarded’.
      • Relieved to have a clear target who would actually notice being shot, Magnum plugged him in the upper arm, spinning him over the coffee table.
      • Why doesn't he just jump out and plug me full of lead right now?
      • Quartermain, when told that a fleeing hoodlum is too far to shoot, says, ‘You're right,’ puts on his spectacles, and then plugs the thug in the rear.
      • If he meets Miller in the middle of the desert and plugs him, problem solved.

    • 3.2slang dated (hit)

      pegarle a
      darle a informal