Translation of plug-ugly in Spanish:


feísimo, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈpləɡ ˈəɡli/



  • 1

    (very ugly) feísimo
    (with criminal features) patibulario
    • But the belt clip is plug-ugly and poorly designed and oversized - what happened, it seems to have been made and fitted by a different company?
    • Okay, so you are not plug-ugly and you don't find it impossible to lure women into your dizzying orbit, but just what is it about you that turns out to be so utterly repellent?
    • He has gone off for good with that plug-ugly researcher.
    • Gone were her cauliflower ears, gone was her pug nose, her squat face had ballooned out, her once squinty eyes were now just slits in her plug-ugly face.



  • 1

    matón masculine
    gorila masculine informal
    guarura masculine Mexico
    • The filmmakers' desire to create an unstuffy, modern version of the Renaissance monarch merely turns him into a boorish, violent plug-ugly.
    • A broad plug-ugly was trying to twist around, shaking and shimmying his forearm caught by her hands.
    • Two huge plug-uglies stood on either side of the door, arms folded.