Translation of plughole in Spanish:


desagüe, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpləɡhoʊl//ˈplʌɡhəʊl/



  • 1

    desagüe masculine
    • As a child, I loved to watch while the miniature vortex in the plughole sent my plastic ducks and boats spinning and colliding until eventually they capsized in a helpless shipwreck at the far end of the tub.
    • I stood and watched that wealthy man's rare and expensive brandy that had taken perhaps 100 years to mature cascading over my finger and glug, glug, glugging down the plughole and I smiled.
    • Then he collected the ashes and pushed them into the sink, running the cold water tap until they had disappeared down the plughole.
    • Fortunately, however, I just prefer to wash the evidence down my bath's plughole.
    • The tiny digit was stuck tight and it took her father, Craig, and mother, Susan, half an hour to drain the bath and unscrew the metal plughole.
    • It starts when you notice the plughole is blocked after you shampoo.
    • The proceeding two or so hours were very dull, revolving around the sorting of odd socks, scouring of pans and declogging of plugholes that are pretty run of the mill for most females of an evening.
    • To explore this to its logical conclusion, every time you pull your bath plug you see spontaneous order emerge in the way water spirals down the plughole, instead of simply plunging in an every-molecule-for-itself fashion.
    • So there I was, mopping up the utility room and drying it off with paper kitchen towels, running around every room with a plughole or toilet pouring bleach down it, and opening every window in sight to get some air in.
    • The children came up with some great ideas, which I then turned into the play, in which a group of five children went down the plughole of a bath and back in time.
    • Any bath water we don't use over 24 hours is let down the plughole and the bath is washed before we collect that day's ‘fresh’ grey water.
    • When I got back from Wellington, my flatmate casually mentioned that the rubber bung had somehow been sucked down the plughole.
    • I scrubbed the bath out with bleach; I poured it down the plugholes of the bath and sinks, then took the bag out to the car as well.