Translation of plumbing in Spanish:


cañerías, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplʌmɪŋ//ˈpləmɪŋ/


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    (pipes) cañerías feminine
    (pipes) tuberías feminine
    (installation) instalación de agua feminine
    • He already knew how to do many of the basic things we needed: He put in our new plumbing and electricity, and he even taught me to lay ceramic tile in the kitchen.
    • I know some carpentry, but I know nothing about electrics or plumbing or roofing.
    • The new school has three classrooms with plumbing and electricity.
    • These families also had no running water or indoor plumbing.
    • She is living in substandard rented accommodation where the cooker does not work and the bathroom plumbing is leaking.
    • So far all the structural work has now been completed apart from things like the plumbing and gas supply, these should be done by next week.
    • Most villages have electric power, but very few houses have any indoor plumbing, and water is usually obtained from a well or a communal pump.
    • There was no kitchen or bathroom, no plumbing or central heating.
    • Don't expect to get hot water here; the plumbing is about fifty years out of date.
    • A man of many talents, Willie was instrumental in wiring many a house and plumbing when the rural electric scheme was introduced.
    • Windows were replaced, air conditioners were installed, and plumbing was fixed to provide showers.
    • There seemed to be quite a bit of construction, some plumbing, carpentry, and certainly a good deal of blood, sweat and tears.
    • Skilled trades, such as plumbing and building, represented 20 per cent of total vacancies arising from skill-shortages.
    • I also had to dig deep trenches and lay plumbing from the house to the septic tank.
    • I learned plumbing, electrical, painting, paper hanging - you name it.
    • Make sure any electrical wiring and, most importantly, the gas line plumbing is set a safe distance from hot surfaces.
    • He simply recalled that he drained the old water heater, disconnected the plumbing and reconnected the plumbing when the new water heater was in place and filled the new tank with water.
    • Mix your own concrete, do your own plumbing, and wire your own electricity.
    • We had no indoor plumbing and no electricity until I was 7 or 8 years old.
    • In the countryside, most houses are old-fashioned two- or three-room wooden structures without plumbing or electricity.
    • Their houses are simple wooden structures, some without plumbing or electricity.
    • Most of these projects require someone very knowledgeable in plumbing and laying of pipe.
    • He could turn his hand to vehicle repairs, simple plumbing and electrical jobs, and cowboy building jobs.
    • The downstairs renovations will include a new entrance and kitchen as well as new plumbing, heating and air-conditioning.
    • Make sure to work around the plumbing and the draining systems to avoid interfering with pipes.
    • As an example, many firms in service industries such as plumbing and decorating would find it difficult to gain a cost advantage over competitors by operating at a larger scale.
    • There is also a gas hob, electric oven and plumbing for a dishwasher and washing machine.
    • Many had skills such as carpentry and plumbing, which could be used in military life, he added.
    • The heating, plumbing and wiring and part of the roof have been replaced.
    • The beauty of remodeling a garage is that the shell of the building - often with both electricity and plumbing - already exists.
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    plomería feminine
    fontanería feminine Central America Spain
    gasfitería feminine Peru Chile