Translation of plunge in Spanish:


Pronunciation /plʌn(d)ʒ//pləndʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (immerse, thrust)
    to plunge sth into sth sumergir / meter algo en algo
    • she plunged the knife into his heart le hundió / le clavó el cuchillo en el corazón
    • I plunged my hands deeper into my pockets metí bien las manos en los bolsillos
    • Pierce the skin at the other end, then plunge it into boiling water.
    • They also feed visually by capturing prey from the surface of mud or water, by plunging their heads into water, and by snatching insects from the air.
    • He got as close as he could before plunging his gloved hand quickly into the center of the smoking embers, and drawing out a long blackened object.
    • To cook the quail's eggs, drop the eggs into boiling water for three and a half minutes and then plunge them into iced water to halt the cooking process.
    • What this means is that journalists need to forewarn people of the dangers of certain words and actions that carry the potential of plunging their communities or the nation into chaos.
    • I was plunged into the water among dark shadows with occasional shafts of light.
    • They first dunk the tissue in a simple solution of ethylene glycol and buffered saline, and then chill the samples by plunging them into liquid nitrogen.
    • Using rubber gloves, put nettles in two litres of salted boiling water for a second to remove the sting then plunge them into iced water.
    • Immediately, while the glass is still hot, plunge it into cold water.
    • Take the tip of a large knife and quickly and firmly plunge the knife downwards through this cross.
    • He slaps some sticky tape over the opening to seal it, takes a deep breath, then plunges it into a bowl of cold water.
    • Then, he knelt down and very quickly plunged the knife into it, and edged it around to make a large slit.
    • Suddenly the bird plunges its head into the water to catch the fish in its bill crosswise. Then, if the fish is less than one half the length of its bill, it swallows it whole after manipulating it to go down its throat headfirst.
    • Blanch the lettuces by plunging them into boiling water for 3 minutes (put the lid on the pan as soon as the lettuces go in, to help the water come back to the boil as quickly as possible).
    • If any plants are dry, plunge the whole pot in a bowl of water and wait until no more bubbles appear.
    • He plunges his hands under the faucet, splashing water over his face.
    • He accidentally dropped the stick into the fire and plunged his arm into the flames to retrieve it.
    • Ms Telford said the government was trying its hardest to raise aspirations amongst people from low-income backgrounds, but was only dashing their hopes by plunging them into tens of thousands of pounds of debt.
    • Although peeling isn't essential because this variety has a rather thin skin, it is an easy matter to plunge them into boiling water, drain and then slip off the skins.
    • If using fresh tomatoes, plunge them into boiling water for 30 seconds, then pop in cold water, enabling you to peel the skins away.
    • The Liberal Democrats warned that forcing people to save for their retirement could plunge many further into financial difficulty.
    • The pastas are also freshly made, with fettuccine, angel hair and spinach ravioli all waiting to be plunged into boiling water at a guest's command.
    • With the warrior dazed, he quickly plunges his sword into his exposed chest.
    • Turning on the cold water, I plunged my hands into it, and splashed it upon my face.
    • It's tempting, when they are this fresh and crisp, to do nothing more than plunge them into boiling water, and serve them up in great piles, unadorned and tasting only of themselves.
    • She thrust his trench coat at him and gratefully plunged her hands into the cool and cleansing water.
    • Shorn of their roots, the leaves can be plunged briefly into boiling water then either into a pan of hot butter and black pepper or shaken with some walnut or olive oil.
    • If you don't, you risk plunging yourself into the kind of doubt and uncertainty that only strenuous mental exertion can deal with and that's just the thing that busy people like yourself need to avoid.
    • The minstrel quickly plunged the burning metal rod in the soldier's face.
    • ‘Animals eat this stuff, but it's all I have to take home to them,’ she says, plunging her hands into the bag and pulling out bunches of grass and weed.
    • The results were disastrous, plunging the country into deep depression, with high unemployment, sharply falling living standards and serious political unrest.
    • Similarly, plunging food into boiling hot oil or water destroys vitamins.
    • Suddenly reminded, Alexia plunged her hand into her apron pocket, and drew out a small jam-jar wrapped with paper.
    • Then the tissue is plunged into liquid nitrogen, at 190C below zero.
    • After a few minutes, he lifted the piece of metal off the anvil with a pair of tongs and plunged it into a bucket of water near by.
    • He tipped the vial over and plunged the needle into it, sucking out the liquid.
    • A handy tip is to plunge the small onions into boiling water for a minute before peeling them to make the job a lot easier.
    • The coalition alleges that the cuts to bursaries will plunge students into high levels of debt by forcing them to rely more heavily on student loans to finance their education.
    • China could always recall its debts, crippling the US and plunging the entire world into a black depression (economically speaking).
  • 2

    (into state, condition)
    the street was plunged into darkness la calle quedó a oscuras / quedó sumida en la oscuridad
    • the news plunged him into the depths of depression la noticia lo sumió en una fuerte depresión
    • the nation was plunged into war la nación se vio precipitada a una guerra
    • to plunge oneself into work/study/a cause entregarse al trabajo/al estudio/a una causa

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (dive) zambullirse
    (fall) caer
    he plunged into the pool se zambulló en la piscina
    • she plunged 50ft to her death cayó 50 pies y encontró la muerte
    • the car plunged over the cliff el coche se precipitó por el acantilado
    • she plunged into the New York social scene se metió de cabeza en el mundillo social neoyorquino
    • I watched as two police divers plunged into the frigid East River and quickly collected the corpse.
    • After landing on a stretch of white beach, we plunged into the forest along a well-cleared path, which made me wonder how many hunters use this area.
    • Around 12 firefighters pulled on breathing apparatus and plunged into the thick smoke to find the seat of the blaze.
    • The Inferno, the biggest amateur race in the world, will see 1,800 daredevils plunge down the 15.8km course.
    • The right posture not only helps avoid a sore back, it also means better control of the raft by the team as a whole - especially important when you start plunging through rapids.
    • They plunge into the coastal waters from small boats.
    • She dove, a beautiful swan dive, and plunged into the crystal clear, saltwater pool.
    • The dog jumped out of Gareth's arms and plunged into the canal where he made his way under a mooring jetty.
    • Last New Year, police praised Thomas after he and another man plunged into the icy River Foss to save the life of a woman who had jumped from Foss Bridge in Fossgate.
    • And then he turned up at Whitley Bay in full scuba-diving gear, and plunged into the icy North Sea to promote World Ocean Day, only to be almost knocked off his feet by a giant wave.
    • Fire fighters plunged into the burning house but did not find the old couple who were found hidden under the bed after the fire was extinguished a half-hour later.
    • Gabrielle had a sudden urge to plunge into the cool lake like before.
    • She was running at full speed, glancing behind every few seconds, before plunging ahead with even greater speed.
    • We all jumped off the runners of the helicopter, and plunged into the water.
  • 2

    • 2.1(slope downward steeply)

      (road/path) descender bruscamente
      the neckline plunges at the back el escote se acentúa en la espalda

    • 2.2(drop)

      (output/price/popularity) caer en picada
      (price/popularity/output) caer en picado Spain
      (popularity/output/price) desplomarse
      (popularity/output/price) irse a pique
      • In Florida, some brave passengers saved their bus from plunging almost 200 feet into the water.
      • With the country once again plunged into political turmoil, Rudd's insights should prove disturbingly relevant.
      • The rushing water left a hole about 20 metres deep and 40 metres wide in a road near Salem, and a car that plunged into the crater landed on its top in a creek.
      • Consumer confidence plummeted and government intervention appeared to have only cosmetic effect as the global economy plunged into deep recession.
      • The Coast Guard is continuing the search for six missing crewmembers who plunged into the sea Wednesday during a rescue attempt.
      • In the ensuing recession both the stock market and land values plunged to alarmingly low levels, unseen in many years.
      • The West African nation plunged into new turmoil when government forces launched a new offensive against rebels in the north.
      • Six split capital trusts have plunged in value by 40% and more in the past month alone.
      • Company officials, according to widely reported allegations, forced employees to hold on to their stock as its value plunged in October and November.
      • A walker who plunged 100 feet down a Lakeland mountainside - suffering serious head injuries - is making a remarkable recovery.
      • We all suffered to some degree and the consequence of that: the country suffered because the economy plunged.
      • The news resulted in their share value plunging 50%.
      • Children and adults alike were screaming as we were thrown around the sharp corners and plunged down the deep falls.
      • It then hit the side of a bridge before plunging into the eight-meter-deep ravine.
      • The aircraft made several circles before suddenly plunging into the sea with its lights out.
      • Yet, the household seemed to have plunged into gloom.
      • Six minutes and forty seconds after the launch the rocket plunged into the ocean and the test was over.
      • The company's market value has plunged to $273 million from $145 billion at the end of 1999.
      • For him, the country has already plunged into civil war.
      • The transfer market is plunging in value, wages are being depressed and more and more footballers are finding themselves unemployed.
      • Commissions got bidded up and up and the value offered to consumers plunged.
      • To add to fund managers' misery, in 2001, the stock market plunged rapidly, dramatically reducing the value of their investments.
      • A company's stock price could plunge when earnings fall, but its bonds could remain hot if it has a strong enough revenue stream to service its debt.
      • The firm's stockmarket value has now plunged to just £50M.
      • And good news, plunging rent levels mean even more can move in.
      • Once the demand for oil is replaced by a demand for another commodity, the current land value of Saudi Arabia may plunge to nearly zero.
      • The dollar, according to some reports, could plunge by as much as 40 per cent in value.
      • Most investors have borrowed money with stocks as collateral, which means as prices plunge, the value of collateral go down as well.
      • Two officers drove off a drawbridge last night and plunged 40 feet into the river.
      • Another day of global volatility on the markets saw share values plunge, with the Irish stock market now down €30 billion since January.
      • The group plunged into the red for the first time in its history with a net loss of £1.7m and said it was selling its private client and fund administration businesses.
      • Children who had plunged 30 feet off the bridge floundered in the muddy waters, trying to reach dry land.
      • He admits that at the beginning of this year, worried about his health, and genuinely feeling he might die, he plunged into a deep depression.
      • He took the narrow bridge too quickly and the car crashed through the bridge and plunged into Poucha Pond, landing upside down under the water.
      • Seven passengers aboard a sight-seeing helicopter survive when it plunged into New York's East River just after takeoff.
      • It has become apparent that some homes are considerably more vulnerable to flooding than others, and these are not just riverside properties - whose value is expected to plunge.
      • The value of those properties plunged 64.6 per cent to HK $4.61 billion.
      • With stock markets plunging, people have ploughed their money into property; others have remortgaged their existing homes to give them more cash to spend, fuelling consumer spending.
      • Sweden, which plunged into financial crises in the early 1990s, has re-invented its famed social model in the past decade.
      • I did not want them plunged into hardship and so I allowed them to take the two days' holiday pay at the beginning of the dispute.

  • 3

    (ship) cabecear
    (horse) corcovear
    • It was all a mad swirl, a crazed delirium of plunging horses and shouts in the darkness, but somehow they formed a line.
    • But the third time the terror was so strong that it transmitted itself to my horse, and I could barely stay in the saddle for her plunging and rearing and fighting to return home.
    • After a time, Monseigneur hears a loud cry, and the horses rear and plunge.
    • It proved necessary to row ashore in a small dinghy, plunging through the hot spray past a Turkish battleship that had been moored for so long that the coral had grown up around it, immobilising it forever.
    • Pierce's horse, Arinex, was tied even more tightly, his head high as he reared and plunged, trying to get free.
    • This meant climbing to the top of the 80 ft mast in a safety harness, with the yacht plunging in gusts of wind and a choppy sea, and holding on for dear life for five hours while she attached a spare halyard.
    • Cresting over the back of a wave, the boat plunges into a trough and rides up the back of another swell, crashing through into another trough.
    • We were at the front of the boat, and that ensured we had a true shower when the boat plunged the watery depths.
    • With a wild neigh, Andaril reared and plunged through the circle of guards and archers, their arrows useless.


  • 1

    (in water)
    zambullida feminine
    chapuzón masculine
    • Before she could make the final plunge, though, she heard someone behind her.
    • I turned and watched as the Sea Maiden continued her downward plunge into darkness.
    • As a Royal Navy diver he made perilous plunges to help clear sunken warships which were causing hazardous obstructions and in 1942 he suffered a burst right eardrum as a result.
    • At 6 o'clock, roused by the réveille, we scurry to the bath-room, take the prescribed cold plunge, and then dress.
    • The rough footpath passes dangerously close to the edge of some of these gorges, and a slip on the muddy trail could well mean a headlong plunge into the boiling waters below.
    • It misstepped making its getaway and performed a spectacular cartwheeling plunge into the water between our canoes.
    • An optional after-dinner extra is a lounge in the sauna followed by a quick plunge in the icy water of the lake.
    • Windy, cool and empty, its vast spaces were as refreshing as a plunge into cold water.
  • 2

    caída feminine
  • 3

    (of price, value) caída feminine
    (of temperature) descenso masculine
    shares took a plunge las acciones se fueron a pique / cayeron en picada
    • A sharp plunge in the dollar would dramatically reduce the value of these assets, reducing the wealth of foreign investors.
    • His comments followed a plunge in first half profits from €13.5 million to 7m before tax and exceptional items.
    • Thus, IT firms were left with huge inventories and massive amounts of excess capacity, which triggered a plunge in IT-sector growth.
    • It is believed he was under the water for at least two minutes, causing him to take in a lot of water and making his temperature plunge.
    • An overnight plunge in commodity prices sent the Australian dollar tumbling to a five month low and currency dealers believe there's more falls to come.
    • It alleges they breached their duties and wants creditors to be compensated for the company's plunge in value before it finally collapsed in May last year.
    • Carp are still on the move on Doe Hey Reservoir despite the recent plunge in temperatures.
    • The high borrowings that led to plunges in the value of many trusts are now working to their advantage with the return of confidence to the stock market in recent months.
    • Given the plunge in the value of Wolfson after its profits warning, that looks like a courageous statement.
    • Not that he is jumping at joy at the recent plunge in our growth rate from 11% to near zero.
    • Of particular concern has been the plunge in the value of insurance companies on solvency worries.
    • Newcastle experienced a plunge from 141 to 113.
    • Assets fell 3.4 percent in the third quarter, mostly due to a 17 percent plunge in the value of stock and mutual funds holdings.
    • A hallmark of the newly christened recession has been a plunge in venture-capital spending.
    • The company fell into financial trouble as a result of the plunge in the Thai baht in mid-1997, which made its debt burden soar.
    • The news follows a major review by Glanbia of its operation following indications of a major plunge in sales from next month.
    • The point is that falling prices are simply not the cause of a plunge in profits and increase in the burden of debt.
    • The central bank attributed the steady plunge of the gross national savings rate to a rapid fall of savings in the household sector.
    • He experienced the worst plunge into unpopularity of any President of the Fifth Republic in his first year of office.
    • At the height of the rush to stock festive Christmas tables, German butchers have reported plunges of up to 90% in sales of beef and sausages, as poultry and horse meat prices have surged.
  • 4

    (of neckline)
    (profundo) escote masculine