Translation of plurality in Spanish:


pluralidad, n.

Pronunciation /plʊˈrælədi//plʊəˈralɪti/

nounPlural pluralities

  • 1

    pluralidad feminine
  • 2US

    mayoría relativa feminine
    • In Geneva County, Graves and Black both won pluralities, receiving 927 and 980 first-choice votes respectively.
    • Ten Democrats filed to run in the heavily Democratic district, but she won a plurality in the April 10, 2001 primary, receiving 33 percent of the vote.
    • In the end, despite these tight controls, the US-backed generals failed to win a majority of the vote, securing a plurality only through frenzied last minute stuffing of the ballot boxes.
    • And so when all the votes are counted, if he's got a plurality or a majority, he wins the state we all ought to rally behind him.
    • In the second round, a plurality is sufficient.
    • In a system based on plurality, the party that comes out on top needn't win a majority of the total votes cast.
    • Helgen won on a plurality with 38.1 percent of the vote to Reiter's 32.1 percent.
    • Though by a smaller plurality, Roosevelt managed to carry the Italian-American vote in 1940 as well.
    • Invariably, multiparty elections in Nigeria were meant to encourage the expression of the needs of different interest groups and thereby create a representative plurality that would equate to true democracy.
    • You know the way this works, the plurality on the second ballot is plenty.
    • Any group that could turn out its members on election day might produce a narrow plurality for a candidate with multiple opponents.