Translation of plus in Spanish:


signo de más, n.

Pronunciation /pləs//plʌs/

nounPlural pluses, Plural plusses

  • 1

    signo de más masculine
    más masculine
    • Be sure to wait until the cursor changes into a plus (+) before releasing the mouse button.
  • 2informal

    (advantage, bonus)
    ventaja feminine
    pro masculine
    the pluses outweigh the minuses son más los pros que los contras
    • Cost is also a major factor on the plus side of vegetarianism.
    • But resourceful choreographers can turn a negative into a plus.
    • Job moves that result in equal or more pay are a plus.
    • On the plus side I won £220, which isn't a bad day's work.
    • On the plus side, they pay zero taxes on their income.
    • He said the fact the match was scheduled for a Tuesday evening was a plus factor in drawing a good crowd.
    • On the plus side, at least I haven't had to deal with sunburn.
    • A plus factor of this expedition is that the Irish speak English.
    • ‘If you improve on what you ran in practice, that's always a plus,’ Compton says.
    • We are a tight family, with all the pluses and disadvantages of that.
    • There are a lot of pluses that we have an executive in place.
    • But I still have to get through the day at work, although on the plus side at least it's warm in the office.
    • He suddenly looked acutely self-conscious, which at least had the plus point of making me less aware of my own embarrassment.
    • There are pluses and minuses for each approach.
    • On the plus side, at least we can take comfort in the fact that it won't drive her fiancée mad.
    • At Harvard, membership in a minority group was a plus factor.
    • His throwing accuracy is a plus, and he is smooth on the pivot.
    • On the plus side my curtains will finally get hung.
    • Ultimately, though, increasing consumer awareness has been a plus, at least according to the drug industry.
    • On the plus side at least he will have some energy in reserve.


  • 1informal

    (point) positivo
    (point) a favor
    • If she got all the points, her grade would go to an A plus, and stay there for a long time.
    • However, he's 30 plus years younger than I am and doesn't see me or need me in the way I see him.
    • The organisers put together some 60 plus events.
    • One was left to wonder what the coach trip back was like with fifty plus unshowered golfers crammed together for the hour journey.
    • I finally decided that the pluses and negatives balance one another out, so I opted not to assign extra credit but gave it an A + for ease of use.
    • I was especially impressed by the dedication of the guys in stilts, as walking on stilts in 30 plus degree weather for two or so hours can not be easy.
    • Over 3000 have access to the kitchen including 1900 plus volunteers, performers, guests and service personnel.
    • In addition, we also have written history and legends to help us sort of piece together the last 3,000 plus years of the Shih Tzu's history.
    • The players have to be fit and endure 35-degree plus temperatures from about October through to February in the scorching WA sun.
    • It is China's hottest region with more than 100 days of 40 plus degrees of heat in summer.
    • Also, the A plus plus part, for some reason, the symbol of a plus sign wouldn't show up so I had to spell it out.
    • A €63m investment is also to be provided by the State which is expected to lever in a further €200m plus from the private sector.
    • Job losses too had a look of inevitability about then, but the two hundred and thirty plus was well above general expectations.
  • 2

    (ion/number) positivo
    +2° (read as: dos grados sobre cero) +2°
    • In other words, everything must be kept to zero, not plus or minus.
    • In fact, only one of the other 13 teams has a plus score!
    • Gulko, who is one of the few players with a plus score against Garry Kasparov, spent most of his life in the former Soviet Union and is the only player to have won both the USSR and US titles.
    • Last year, Wyoming won seven games and was 19th in the nation with a plus - 7 ratio.
  • 3

    (and more)
    children aged 13 plus niños de 13 años para arriba / de 13 años en adelante
    • there must have been 100 plus people there debe de haber habido de cien personas para arriba
  • 4

    (in grade)
    B+ calificación entre A y B, más baja que A-


  • 1

    2 + 3 = 5 (read as: dos más tres es igual a cinco) 2 + 3 = 5
    • £12 per hour plus expenses doce libras por hora más gastos
    • plus the fact that … aparte de que …



  • 1

    además de que
    • A sell-off would provide Berlin with some cash to plug budget gaps; plus, any private bank that takes it over would no longer be overly reliant on the whims of a fickle capital market.
    • Our third block classes were right next to each other, plus we had lunch together.
    • Keeping all that bathroom clutter away in cupboards also helps to make your bathroom feel bigger - plus make it easier to clean.