Translation of plus-size in Spanish:


de talla grande, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpləssaɪz//ˈplʌssʌɪz/


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    (clothing) de talla grande
    • Overweight people often have to shop in certain areas of department stores or at plus-size stores.
    • Last year alone, clothing retailers sold $17 billion worth of plus-size apparel and that's the beginning.
    • Check out this website for invaluable information on plus-size women and pregnancy.
    • The veteran designer creates special-occasion clothes exclusively for plus-size women.
    • Wearing size- 16/18 clothes, I accepted that I was destined to shop in the plus-size section for the rest of my life.
    • He recounts a recent conversation with one very high-end designer in which they were discussing the opportunities in plus-size apparel for women.
    • Every item in our fashion spread this week comes from a plus-size collection, proving you don't have to resemble a stick of celery in order to find fabulous fashions for this spring and summer.
    • ‘I wore a size 22 as a teen and had to buy my clothes in the women's plus-size section,’ she recalls.
    • Mateo wanted to hear more about the finer details of the product placement of plus-size clothing in the department store where her mother worked.
    • To celebrate her sister's curves and those of other's with similar builds, the university fashion graduate designed a line for plus-size women.
    • I accepted the fact that I was heavy and would have to shop at plus-size clothing stores for the rest of my life.
    • A perfect fit: ‘after losing 95 pounds, I no longer have to buy my clothes from the plus-size section of department stores.’
    • I continued with my unhealthful eating habits and felt more miserable as the weight came on, but I did nothing about it except buy larger plus-size clothes.
    • Seeing a plus-size woman as the star of a TV show - good for the community.
    • I think their clothes are cut to fit plus-size teenagers.
    • The plus-size niche currently accounts for 20 percent of the total apparel market.
    • The younger, slimmer, consumer can select from the same variety of garments as a younger, plus-size consumer; hip-huggers, low-rider jeans and chic wrap skirts are appropriate in all sizes.
    • These days, I no longer have to shop in the plus-size section of the store.
    • A curvaceous size 18 herself, she has made a business out of catering to plus-size women in a way that no department store can match.