Translation of plywood in Spanish:


contrachapado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplaɪˌwʊd//ˈplʌɪwʊd/


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    (tablero en varias capas) contrachapado masculine
    • I remember drawing the plan using a piece of finished plywood as my drafting table.
    • A router is the best tool to use on long pieces, as long pieces of plywood can be hard to handle on a table saw.
    • At last we dove into an old abandoned house, all the doors were locked and the windows boarded up with pieces of molding plywood.
    • Plastic floor is ideal for paved surfaces and is much cheaper than plywood floors.
    • The sides of the grave were all boarded up with sheets of plywood.
    • The post and timber fence is not constructed in plywood, it is softwood.
    • The units are made of plywood with a maple veneer, and are attached to the wall studs.
    • Yesterday, the street remained closed and plywood boards were put up on barriers on all roads leading into the street.
    • Be sure there is no excess glue on the planks before placing the plywood on top.
    • Cut up some pieces of plywood ahead of time to use as holding forms, and clamp every thing down.
    • The troops' base camp was a burned-out hotel, which had been patched up with plywood and corrugated iron.
    • Brice paints on large plywood panels, predominantly in black and white house paint which he applies in a scrubbing motion.
    • Survivors are jammed together in windowless plywood barracks hurriedly built by the army.
    • The bookcases are handsome things assembled from varnished plywood.
    • All three projects can be easily and inexpensively made in a matter of hours from a few scrap sheets of plywood.
    • Apart from some weatherboards and plywood for the floor, all his building materials were recycled.
    • My new desk appeared, or part of it did, in the form of a cut sheet of eight by four high quality beech veneered plywood.
    • Constance walked over to the shattered window which was now covered with a sheet of plywood.
    • Shanty towns made of tin, plywood and salvaged materials rise along the highway and stretch for miles.
    • At this time I decided to use pine wood and some plywood: cheap materials and easy to work with using the tools I had.