Translation of poetic in Spanish:


poético, adj.

Pronunciation /poʊˈɛdɪk//pəʊˈɛtɪk/


  • 1

    (description/language/scene) poético
    (beauty/moment) lleno de poesía
    there was poetic justice in it se hizo justicia
    • His technical facility is astounding but, more importantly, he is a sensitive, poetic artist.
    • The beginnings of any kind of valid poetry or poetic stirrings in Australia date into the present century.
    • For poets and those who read poetry, the poetic form can be relatively obscure as a discipline and as an art.
    • Adam invites into our midst a deeply lyrical, sorrowful and unforgettable poetic voice.
    • She also wrote a book called Music of Speech about the relationship between poetic rhythm and speech which probably influenced her approach to ritual.
    • In the world of language and poetic rhythm, Tipperary is a name made in heaven.
    • In time, he became better known as a sculptor with a strong poetic bent, rather than as a poet in the traditional sense.
    • Extravagant designs that look theatrical, dramatic and poetic are given heavy emphasis.
    • I then used their poetic forms and wrote about a third of the book in that style of verse.
    • An important point that can be made about Shahid's poetry is that it drew as much upon English poetic traditions as it did on Urdu literary forms.
    • The lyrics are passionate and poetic, the musical arrangements full of juxtaposition and surprise.
    • And here he was representing one of history's most ruthless dictators as a dreamy, soft, poetic, kind of chap.
    • Lyrics should be poetic, concise, imaginative, theologically strong and expressive of worship to God.
    • It could be set in the east, but it wouldn't be as poignant and poetic and elegiacal.
    • Although similar from track to track, the lyrics are poetic and occasionally touch on more meaningful issues within society.
    • Those who knew nothing of the poetry knew of the face in the least poetic of contexts when they opened a cigar box.
    • The sight is beautifully poetic and expresses the leitmotiv tension between heaven and earth.
    • You have the space to be creative, poetic, artistic and sensitive.
    • I love dialogue that sounds beautiful; dialogue that is lyrical and poetic.
    • The thundering guitars, melodic vocals and poetic lyrics seemed to transcend classification.
    • He plays this raw, emotional indie-folk with poetic, symbolic lyrics.
    • Its poetic quality lies not in ornamentation but in rhythm.
    • His songs are catchy, his lyrics poetic and probing, and he is handsome.
    • Rather than abjuring claims to poetic vision, her poetry pretends not to aspire to authority even as it quietly seizes it.
    • All aesthetic expression has a poetic quality and is essentially eulogistic.
    • These are the very veins of poetic stuff; poetry which runs all false and true.
    • Lyrically poetic and understated, this album has a churchly feel that makes for perfect nighttime chillout music.
    • Anger always makes for good poetic verse, so pick up thy pens and write. I expect to see verses two, three and possibly four in the coming weeks.
    • His prose is rhythmical and often poetic; individual sections contain carefully balanced and readily memorable phrases.
    • The rhythmic quality and easy flow of the poetic forms allow the reader to feel the life in these characters in a powerful way.
    • The tunes are creations of spellbinding joy and the lyrics poetic enough to turn men with steel hearts to jelly.
    • Traditional in form, her poetry treats primarily romantic themes with elevated, poetic language.
    • Most of his writing has been in XILOTL and is often poetry or poetic prose.
    • Such feelings become ‘embodied’ for me in the poetic form, in its sounds and rhythms.
    • A poetic, provocative choreographer, her work continually challenges aesthetic conventions.
    • Besides having a tune, these words are actually imaginative and poetic.
    • The writing is rhythmic and poetic and the characters so real that you long to know what became of them in later life.
    • In the process of discovering and translating Hebrew poetry a Russian poetic community was formed.
    • The numerous space and controlled organisations of poetic colours lend subtlety to his part collage-part paintings.
    • Their argument was that a whole new set of poetic strategies was needed to keep poetry alive in modern times.