Translation of poise in Spanish:


porte, n.

Pronunciation /pɔɪz//pɔɪz/


  • 1

    porte masculine
    elegancia feminine
    • Despite this, she was a ballet dancer who had the grace, poise, and elegance of an angel.
    • The key to your personal success in this effort is to use poise, grace and tact.
    • This hunt will not only spot young talent but also help in grooming their poise, sense of style and transform them into faces millions will one day admire.
    • His language is deceptively simple; it is not easy to recreate his elegance and poise.
    • Dancers have already noticed increased poise, grace, and fitness, and welcome the safety aspect, saying ‘Donna keeps an eagle eye on all of us’.
    • Her work goes beyond pathos, and whilst it seems paradoxical to speak about beauty, or even to use an oxymoron like ‘terrible beauty’, her work has a disquieting elegance and poise.
    • For a player his age, he has excellent footwork and ballhandling skills, and his poise and leadership abilities are well beyond his years.
    • After setting up his lone amp and tuning two guitars, he played with the same quiet and graceful poise that I remembered seeing in Amherst.
    • It creates poise and grace of movement, thereby literally enabling people to walk the talk with a new ease.
    • Also Miss Gumerova very quickly revealed her poise and elegance.
    • Elegance and poise are qualities not often seen in these days of post-grunge celebrity.
    • Apparently, she figured that if I were her daughter, she'd have made sure that I was the embodiment of elegance and poise, not to mention maturity.
    • An affection for the blunt speech of brute common sense often gives her poems the plain poise of wisdom literature, lanced with slides and swerves that leap from her alert musicality.
    • The prayer is nothing but an expression of these manifestations and, with graceful poise, combines all of them.
    • The male body has also been subjected to regulation and restriction: the eighteenth century saw an emphasis on poise and elegance centred round an image of a slim, restrained body.
    • Also, a heightened sense of balance is extremely attractive - people start moving like ballet dancers, with poise and grace.
    • His movements are smooth but slow, almost lazy, yet somehow identical to his sister's feline-like poise, except his behavior is much colder.
    • And now I knew the names of most of the foods set before me, spoke with elegance and poise, danced with grace, and could even say a few words in French and Italian!
    • Camaraderie, competitiveness and poise characterized the 2002 women's tennis team.
    • There are days when the majesty, poise, skill, style, poetry and romance of Gaelic football just takes your breath away and then there are games like this when the opposite is the case.
  • 2

    desenvoltura feminine
    aplomo masculine
    • I think the family has shown remarkable dignity and poise throughout this entire ordeal.
    • She handled herself with poise and dignity and did not shy from any of the issues.
    • He descended to raucous and tasteless personal attacks on the Gandhis and generally showed little dignity, poise or gravitas.
    • Slowly he recovered his poise enough to murmur.
    • And he displayed great composure and poise in a loud environment in reality our first road game of this year.
    • They can only hope that the markets recover their poise.
    • If I was Dravid, I would have never allowed a down-and-out team to recover its poise and be in a position to sting us back.
    • Clyde recovered their poise sufficiently to make their first concerted raid in seven minutes when Allan Grant's cross forced McDonald to concede a corner at the far post.
    • The actress could have been degraded by the exploitation material, but somehow she punches through the stereotypes and retains her dignity and poise.
    • After a reconciliation in the royal family and the reunification of the Whig party in 1720, the ministry recovered its poise, and the Whig Ascendancy was not only restored but extended.
    • The HKMA head was unwilling to be drawn into talking about subsequent losses, but with markets still recovering their poise during May, the fund's losses seem set to mount.
    • Hayden never recovered his poise and four overs later was out to Jones, who beat his chest in delight.
    • In the printed version of the lecture he has recovered his poise.
    • After 30 minutes in recovery, the patient had recovered her poise and sense of humour.
    • I was very impressed with her poise and composure.
    • Dawson recovered his poise to take a couple of wickets and pace sensation Steven Kirby wrapped things up by grabbing the last three wickets in the space of 18 balls at a cost of just four runs.
    • Many of the firm's customers believe the company will recover its poise, largely thanks to the superiority of its products.
    • She as well able to deal with male chauvinism while losing none of her dignity and poise, Mr McCarthy said.
    • By their physiques, thankfully the majority retain poise and dignity.
    • I left with as much poise and dignity as I could, keeping my face a tranquil mask as I lost myself in the crowd and headed for the bathroom.

transitive verb

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reflexive verb

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    she poised herself to jump se colocó en disposición de saltar
    • ‘Alright’, she started, poising the pen in her hand over the pad of paper.
    • Finally, all turned, slowly glided and pitched down, poising with uplifted wings momentarily before merging into the dusk.
    • He checked himself, hand poised a width from the fledgling's back.
    • ‘We are at your service, madam,’ he said, poising his fingertips together above his stomach.
    • I poised my pen over the paper unsure of whether to write back or not.
    • He also took a seat, and readied his materials, inking his quill and poising his hand.
    • ‘Wow, Chelsea’, Peter said, pushing up the frames of his glasses up with one hand as he poised a pencil over a page with the other.
    • Bethany and Anna both poised themselves in front of the paper.
    • A little shaky from all the adrenaline, I poise the ball of one foot on the pedal.
    • He poised his face in a poker like style, trying to copy Kira.
    • At intervals one and then another checked the pace, poising with wings uplifted and vibrating and tail depressed and expanded.
    • ‘Coming,’ I replied, poising myself at the edge of the stack.
    • With studied patience and precision, he poised the loop on a pencil and flattened its creases, extricating the tape from extinction.
    • The pointe shoe has come on the ballet scene in recent years and allows the dancer to poise indefinitely on tiptoe.
    • As you make ready to enter, the direct-lift machine does not touch the ground; it poises motionless under its whirling rotor blades like a gigantic hummingbird.
    • She shakily holds it and poises the pen over the paper.
    • She fell almost immediately after leaping onto the balance beam and then had to poise herself moments later as she nearly went off again.
    • Between snatches it was not idle, sailing out to intercept a passing fly, then poising in the air with rapidly whirring wings as it neatly picked an insect from the underside of a leaf.
    • I like to keep the fingertips pointed forward, better poising this hand to engage in a two-hand hold or to ward off a last-instant physical assault.
    • Yet, as we all know, popular art would be nowhere without the perpetual, inconclusive drama of crossing the line - poising at the edge of the abyss, sometimes pulling back, sometimes falling in.