Translation of poison ivy in Spanish:

poison ivy

hiedra venenosa, n.


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    hiedra venenosa feminine
    • Irritated summer skin is usually caused by clogged sweat ducts, a condition called prickly heat or miliaria, or by exposure to poison ivy, oak or sumac.
    • Martin, a certified herbalist, explains in detail how to treat a variety of symptoms with common herbs, from sweet fern for poison ivy and dried juniper for bladder infections to willow for influenza.
    • It only takes one case of poison ivy, oak or sumac to convince most people to stay away from these skin-irritating plants.
    • The poison ivy should not really affect the vegetables, but I would remove the poison ivy, making sure to get all of the root system.
    • In April a small tractor had been used to disc-harrow much of the poison ivy, bittersweet, bayberry, and grass cover, leaving the soil soft and free of vegetation.
    • The proliferation of nature here is wild and decadent, almost disgusting - the ants and roaches, the bugs, the kudzu and the poison ivy.
    • If the work really has to be undone, who will replant the poison ivy?
    • Wait too long and you get into tornado season, then heat, humidity, poison ivy and oak, snakes and most especially ticks.
    • Apparently she was on a mission to destroy the poison ivy that, unbeknownst to me, has colonized half the property.
    • One subject in my study developed a rash after he was told that a harmless vine was poison ivy.
    • Along with sassafras and other bushes, the understory is often thick with vines and brambles, including catbrier, Virginia creeper, poison ivy, and raccoon grape.
    • We are reminded to hydrate regularly and properly, and to beware the poison ivy that grows rampant on the farm.
    • In the northeastern foothills, on relatively dry slopes, bur oak dominates above an understory of hop hornbeam, smooth sumac, coralberry, and poison ivy.
    • Ground ivy and poison ivy grow in shade, while dead nettle, dandelions, and clover thrive in fertile soil.
    • Mangoes come in hundreds of varieties and a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are distant relatives of cashews, pistachios, poison oak and poison ivy.
    • Secondly, certain weeds, such as poison ivy, can actually cause severe skin irritation.
    • The boys filled out questionnaires about past experiences with plants, including lacquer trees, which can cause itchy rashes much as poison oak and poison ivy do.
    • Point out any potential hazards to the child, such as thorn bushes or poison ivy.
    • The poison ivy was a fine crimson color as were some of the rosa rugosae leaves.
    • This way that hard-to-cover spot between her gloves and shirt cuffs is protected from the dreaded poison ivy.
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    urticaria feminine