Translation of police in Spanish:


policial, n.

Pronunciation: /pəˈliːs//pəˈlis/


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    (force, in UK)
    (patrol/escort/regulations) (before noun) policial masculine
    the police la policía
    • to be in/join the police ser/hacerse policía
    • to call the police llamar a la policía
    • the riot police la policía antidisturbios
    • police brutality brutalidad policial / de la policía
    • police college escuela superior de policía
    • the police force la policía
    • the airport has its own police force el aeropuerto tiene su propio cuerpo de vigilancia
    • (in UK) police inspector inspectora de policía
    • police message comunicado policial
    • police protection protección policial
    • to have a police record estar prontuariado
    • police witness testigo de la policía
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    (police officers)
    (masculine plural) policías
    police outnumbered demonstrators el número de policías superaba al de manifestantes

transitive verb

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    (keep order in)
    (streets) patrullar
    the right to police the region el derecho de mantener una fuerza policial en la región
    • the demonstration was heavily policed hubo una gran presencia policial en la manifestación
    • There has also been extensive collusion between the police and nationalist forces.
    • Once there the police used force to prevent the march continuing to parliament.
    • I suppose you will get the police to force us to see you like you did in Spain.
    • In a database-dominated world, the police prevent crime before it happens.
    • A manifest example of such activities is provided by the armed forces and the police.
    • They say the orders have helped the police to respond better to community problems.
    • The force is also developing public access to the police through email and text messaging.
    • Faced with rising crime and a lack of public faith in the police she has come out all guns blazing.
    • Workers set up roadblocks in order to prevent the police from entering the industrial facility again.
    • Of those which are recorded as crimes, the police trace about one-quarter to an offender or suspected offender.
    • The premise behind community crime prevention is that police need to do more than react to incidents.
    • For example, the best source of advice on crime prevention is the local police.
    • In the meantime public faith in the police has dropped to an all-time low.
    • Wildlife experts are joining forces with the police to launch a crackdown on hare coursing.
    • The second issue I would like to raise is that the police respond to public concern.
    • Council officers supported the police in offering crime prevention advice to residents.
    • Labour organisations suspect members of the armed forces or police are responsible for his murder.
    • He believed that the son was responsible but the police seem not to have found grounds for that belief.
    • If there is a crime committed and the police go in with a search warrant, they just seize whatever is relevant.
    • So in order to avoid the police and stares of the public, he kept to the solitary alleys.
    • Team leader Roy Cooksey said the walking group had directed police and mountain rescue members to the body.
    • Putting more police on the street with powers of arrest is the only answer.
    • Teams of police and court officials arrested 21 people as part of a major crackdown on fine dodgers.
    • After being informed, local police searched the roads for three days and investigated other drivers who frequent this road.
    • After his arrest, he was questioned by local police and also members of Scotland Yard.
    • North Shore Rescue and the Cypress Bowl Ski Patrol members helped police recover the body.
    • In the Boland town of Paarl two Samwu members were injured when police opened fire on a group of marchers.
    • He has had police search innocent members of the public, and an Asian family taken into a custody.
    • Four hundred armed police raided an estate in west London last week.
    • And so, there are supposed to be some more police on the streets.
    • It tarnishes the sterling reputation of all good police and court officials.
    • His introduction to youth work came two years ago through an adventure holiday organised by local police.
    • One thing is for sure: it will not be spent on extra police to enforce the current drinking age.
    • He never did find out which members of the Brotherhood had been undercover police.
    • He now says he pledges to get 5,000 police on our streets what a joke!
    • The FBI is now on the case, helping Iraqi police investigating the bombing.
    • Britain will also commit itself to training tens of thousands more Iraqi police and members of the civil defence force.
    • The hearing was packed with media, police and family members of the accused men.
    • Hundreds of riot police and members of the security forces took up positions near the palace, they said.
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    UN troops will police the ceasefire tropas de la ONU se encargarán de que se respete el alto al fuego
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    (clean up)