Translation of policeman in Spanish:


policía, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈlismən//pəˈliːsmən/

nounPlural policemen

  • 1

    policía masculine
    agente masculine
    • The two police cars were blocking in a grey car and the policemen were talking to a man inside the car.
    • What they want is policemen in pointy helmets patrolling very old walls in the drizzle.
    • I watched as a policeman seized a teenage girl by the arms, her legs buckling from gas and shock.
    • They were removed from the room and handcuffed by additional policemen outside.
    • I await the knock upon the door and a brace of burly policemen with handcuffs.
    • They even attacked the policemen that were driving to the other police stations to try and help fend them off.
    • The policemen at the station threw her out as well, and also snatched the bedsheet away.
    • It is one of the busiest junctions where policemen dread to man traffic during peak hours.
    • We went straight to the local police-station where we were met by a young policeman.
    • The report quaintly states that he pushed gently past the policeman and was gently arrested.
    • The policeman tried to handcuff him but the boy kept pushing him away, so he called for backup.
    • Later police academies would borrow this system to train policemen with target shooting.
    • The threat of litigation against a police force would not make a policeman more efficient.
    • Five of the policemen named in the programme were with Greater Manchester Police.
    • There was an undercover policeman by the side of our coach given away by the large pistol in a holster by his side.
    • As one of the policemen informed our reporter, those were students of one famous institute.
    • If you want a policeman at the moment you have to phone Sorbaig Police Station.
    • I collected another broad grin from two policemen patrolling in Williton this morning.
    • The teenager managed to make his way outside and informed two policemen on patrol of what had happened.
    • Six other soldiers and paramilitary policemen were killed in rebel attacks on their patrols.