Translation of polished in Spanish:


pulido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɒlɪʃt//ˈpɑlɪʃt/


  • 1

    (marble/metal) pulido
    (metal/marble) bruñido
    (wood) brillante
    (wood) lustrado Latin America
    the silverware was highly polished la plata estaba brillantísima
    • Live like each moment is shiny as a polished knife.
    • Yesterday I had to sit through a long briefing on how all employees should have polished shiny shoes.
    • The sunlight glistened off the highly polished wooden table and chairs and the copper pots and pans.
    • This means a lot of hard work, but it's worth it when you get that extra shiny smooth polished rock you're looking for.
    • Then to top it all off he had his shiny, polished black shoes.
    • The bath was enormous, shiny white and surrounded by a wide shelf of polished mahogany.
    • It was polished and shiny, and there was no trace of a scratch on it.
    • The locals are shaking their heads, looking at the funny city boys in Lycra shorts and goofy biking shoes trying to run around on the shiny polished linoleum floor.
    • Almost spitting the words, Julia steps into the room and sets her purse down on a polished mahogany table.
    • In the huge theme park, everything was manufactured - angular, flat surfaces, and shiny polished metal.
    • The table was long as well and of nicely polished mahogany that shined so much it looked like a pool of dark water.
    • In the center of the room there was a little coffee table, polished to a brilliant shine, and a couch, with two large armchairs.
    • The prince had been sitting at the polished mahogany table, practising his algebra after repeated reminders from his tutor.
    • The smell of oiled leather and the cool, shiny surfaces of polished metal reminded me that I was going to a place farther away than anyone knew.
    • This balances the large polished mahogany table and antique chandelier.
    • A sigh echoed through the room as two legs perched upon the surface of the polished mahogany table, its base cluttered with piles of untouched papers.
    • His train conductor's hat was perched smartly at an angle and his shoes were polished to a shiny brown.
    • She stepped onto its shiny, polished, wooden floor, and listened to the squeaking echoes of sneakers skidding across it.
    • The counter had been wiped down, bleached, polished, and a shiny new cash register sat like an ornament on its surface.
    • The buttons on his jacket were well polished and very shiny.
  • 2

    (accent/manners) refinado
    (accent/manners) elegante
    (performance/translation) pulido
    he is a polished actor es un consumado actor
    • the school play was a polished production la obra del colegio resultó muy pulida / lograda
    • His poetry is elegant, polished, and witty; as a critic he is one of the main theorists of Russian Romanticism.
    • The polished sophistication of this essay on how to use compressed space is underlined by the architect's ingenious use of materials.
    • Each member is an accomplished and polished musician in their own right, yet together the sum of their parts captures and expresses a more rugged aesthetic.
    • As if to mirror this discovery, Part Two is full of highly polished and accomplished writing, beautiful in ways unallowable in Part One.
    • In the sporting circus, even contrition is a polished performance
    • He talks in the polished, high-strung manner of an experienced politician.
    • His gray hair was neatly combed, making him look much polished and more refined for the committee.
    • It is a polished film by an accomplished director, able to hold its own on the international stage.
    • Each work has an ethereal feel and rich harmonic texture that is magnified by a polished performance by the Westminster Cathedral choir under master of music Martin Baker.
    • This hardy perennial is interestingly accompanied by this polished Shiraz.
    • A deep red paint and several black and white photos adorned the walls, giving off a very polished and sophisticated feel.
    • The children are to be congratulated on their polished performances as are their teachers and proud parents who filled the pews to watch.
    • As outside investment, knowledge and rigorous selection spreads through the region, the wines are becoming extremely polished and refined.
    • Let us discuss and debate, but in a refined manner and polished language please!
    • It was just a very sort of glamorous, sophisticated, polished thing.
    • This is in stark contrast to the poetic elegance used to describe the Medieval town of Oxford or the polished sophistication of Singapore.
    • The styles might not have looked very different from one another but they looked refined and polished.
    • Their performances were polished, with superb harmonies and flawless production.
    • The show was excellent, with a polished performance from all the actors.
    • Monica glided onstage with her usual confidence and poise - ever polished, meticulously refined and supremely confident.
    • He and his band had obviously spent a long time rehearsing, and the result was an immaculately arranged, perfectly executed and polished performance.
    • Time alone will tell whether this was simply a clever and polished performance or a genuinely new style of leadership.
    • A woman can never go wrong when she looks polished and sophisticated.
    • Really - because she's elegant and she's romantic and sophisticated and polished, and she loves fashion.
    • Fall's slim coat has a retro feel that works well with the season's more refined and polished looks.
    • It's a very worthy album: accomplished musicianship, polished songwriting and so on, but it does lack spark.
    • He speaks in a polished, precise manner, but with a bouncy Trinidadian inflection rippling through, like pebbles tossed across a pond.
    • Not only was it a very polished, seamless performance, but the enjoyment on the actors/actresses faces showed just how much they were getting from the whole experience.
    • Leather and/or fur hats can look great on older men who want to keep warm while maintaining their refined, polished look.
    • The film is polished, good-looking and accomplished, but still feels redundant.
    • Expect a polished and accomplished performance from a man dedicated to his music.
    • In the heel of the reel he closed a 5/4 chance and easily justified favouritism with a polished staying performance.
    • He was courteous, polished, respectful and kept an eye out for us, which was good, since he would be with us for the next three days.
    • It may not have been the most polished performance for once, but it proved a hit with pupils and to be surrounded by happy voices must have been music to the Prime Minister's ears.
    • He gives a very polished, professional performance with excellent comic timing to make the jokes appear impromptu and off the top of his head.
    • The highly polished, refined and sophisticated villain of this film, enacted by him, brought accolades to Devan.
    • The restless camera, the energetic editing, the New York locations, the polished performances give an impression of something clever and different.
    • It presented much of the same material but in a considerably more elegant and polished way.
    • Suspenseful music kicks in during combat to accompany the polished sound effects.
    • As I have already pointed out repeatedly, performances are polished and excellently recorded.