Translation of Politburo in Spanish:


Politburó, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɒlɪtˌbjʊərəʊ//ˈpɑlɪtˌbjʊroʊ/


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    Politburó masculine
    • Jailed in time-honoured fashion for four years, he eventually joined the politburo when Romania turned Communist in 1948.
    • At exactly the same time, from all these buildings, the inner circle of the politburo was coming to his party.
    • The key vote was taken in the party's central committee which overturned a previous decision of the smaller executive - the politburo - to retain Phieu in office.
    • NRO is an online magazine of conservative opinion, not the ideological organ of the right-wing politburo.
    • Jele is a former member of the national executive committee of the African National Congress and central committee and politburo of the SA Communist Party.
    • Most of the members of the Communist Party's powerful politburo are expected to step down next year.
    • The CPI, in fact, is holding its politburo meeting in the national capital over the issue today.
    • He retired from the politburo at the Communist Party's sixth convention in 1986, when the country's ‘doi moi’ economic reforms were formally endorsed.
    • Song, who now teaches at the University of Muenster, is also suspected of having served on the politburo of the Workers' Party.
    • On November 9, the politburo met to discuss the growing democratic revolutions in other ‘socialist camp’ countries as well as events in Bulgaria itself.
    • This was only after Lynch compared democracy within the standing committee to the politburo.
    • The agenda for the three-day party convention does not include discussion on succession or earlier demands from dissenters that Mugabe's powers be reduced and the party politburo, its main policy-making body, be elected not appointed.
    • Stick us in a virgin paradise, and we create great honeycombed bureaucracies, vast bramble-fields of rules and regulations, ornate politburos filled with policymaking politicos, and, above all, tangled webs of power.
    • The FSLN National Directorate, like a Communist Party politburo, was the sole entity governing both the instruments of coercion and the judicial system.
    • Could this be a new wrinkle on the Communist conspiracy of yore, the politburo's instructions replaced with marching orders issued by the Social Workers Soviet?
    • The party politburo met late into the night and suspended several leading figures.
    • He is also suspected of having served as a candidate member of the powerful politburo of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party.
    • Granted, the brutal treatment the citizenry's been subject to would seem to make your point for you, but do keep in mind the treatment newly absorbed nations tended to receive at the hands of the politburo.
    • The fundamental problem that we've got is that public education has a quarter of its money tied up in highly centralised politburos, known as education departments.
    • All the SF politburo have to do is blame ‘the securocrats’ on any setback.