Translation of politicize in Spanish:


politizar, v.

Pronunciation /pəˈlɪtɪsʌɪz//pəˈlɪdəˌsaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to become politicized politizarse
    • If judges are horribly political, politicized opposition to nominees is called for.
    • His edict achieved the opposite effect of what he intended, politicizing an apolitical event.
    • The implicit presumption was always that politicised corrections for market failures would work perfectly.
    • Unfortunately, we have politicized the process of divorce, so abuse and bias will be even stronger now.
    • This is hardly a circumstance that should be welcomed in the academic disciplines, as it echoes the partisan and highly politicized award process set up at the National Endowment for the Humanities a dozen years ago.
    • Nuns, in contrast to their male counterparts, not only politicised their activities but did so with a new feminist consciousness.
    • The spectacle emphasised how much he seeks to transform our style and substance by politicising every event for its propaganda potential in a divided Australia.
    • Another reason why British deaths have become a bigger issue even as there has been relatively fewer of them is that sections of the anti-war movement and anti-war commentators have cynically politicised these deaths.
    • Politicians are bound to politicize this disaster, as they do with all other world events, in a way that helps them accumulate more power and confiscate more wealth from their citizens.
    • All political parties, those in government and the ones in the opposition have worked to politicise the budget process so much that it has become a public spectacle rather than the hard-headed public accounting process it should be.
    • If textbook screening is politicized, confidence in the censorship system itself will be lost.
    • Universities are centres of freedom of speech, granted, but we have to admit that this is a hugely politicized event being proposed at the one campus in Canada where this issue has exploded into violence.
    • This is extremely important as any campaign where one (individual or collectivity) is attempting to achieve a political objective (tuition decreases) must politicise the process.
    • In the process, they've done German popular culture quite a service, politicizing an event that had long slipped under the radar of public debate in the country.
    • The case serves as yet another reminder of how sadly politicized the confirmation process too often becomes in today's political climate.
    • Plus he's concerned that the Republicans may be politicizing the political process.
    • If Democrats have politicized the scandal and exaggerated it, Republicans have inexcusably tried to whitewash it.
    • So as you can imagine the company's work is highly politicized.
    • Some have argued that the ministry opened the bid at a time when the legislature is in recess because the ministry didn't want lawmakers to step in and politicize the privatization process.
    • When people protest the way the Administration is let off the hook until the election, of course, the charge will be that they are attempting to politicize the process.