Translation of politics in Spanish:


política, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈpɑləˌtɪks//ˈpɒlɪtɪks/


  • 1

    • 1.1(political relations)

      política feminine
      national/international politics política nacional/internacional
      • I don't want to get involved in office politics yo no quiero meterme en intrigas de oficina
      • the politics of medicine la medicina en el contexto político
      • Only in 20 years will we be able to look back on any of these events and see their collective effect on global politics.
      • Even when he's out smashing bottles, he's both enjoying the badness of it all and making a responsible point about global politics.
      • I am heartened by how many protesters there are and the consequent renewed interest in global politics.
      • C'mon boys, there's too little poetry in global politics.
      • They have no idea how to intervene politically in global politics.
      • Because the Americans dominate global politics as no other time in the last, say, 20 years.
      • Equally important to me is my deepening and developing interest in national and global politics.
      • This is progress of a sort, a small victory for multilateralism and global politics by negotiation.
      • The Middle East, of course, continues to be a focal point of global politics so the movie had a symbolic topicality as well.
      • Chances are good enough that I will put my foot in my mouth without hazarding down the path of global politics.
      • Killer 7 has an excellent, although often completely incoherent, storyline about global politics.
      • So it's not hard to show that some of the same battles that have played out in the entertainment world will soon apply to global politics.
      • The Academic Council is an organization that has the ear of the United Nations and can help bring clarity in the wake of stormy global politics.
      • What about the relation between cosmology and global politics?
      • States are no longer the key actors in global politics.
      • He continues to proudly hold himself as a man of the left, remaining well aware of the political and financial forces at work in global politics.
      • Global economics depends on that kind of cooperation; global politics builds on it.
      • The participants at the Cairo conference were commemorating an age when Third World solidarity changed global politics.
      • Peace will not arrive through politics or economic development alone, as crucial as these things are.
      • Today it appears that everyone is engaged in global politics.

    • 1.2(political views)

      (feminine plural) ideas políticas
      I don't know what her politics are no sé qué ideas políticas tiene
      • If we do not change our policies and politics, it will be devastating to all of us worldwide.
      • German treatments of aesthetics and politics clustered around Benjamin and Adorno.
      • The authors, however, are hostile to anything that smacks of principled working class politics.
      • As much as politics are a common ground, so is grief, and the two of them had that in common as well.
      • I regret that those friendships were forged on bonds made not of trust and care, but of politics and beliefs.
      • In essence, this means learning the subtle differences between policies and politics.

  • 2

    (science, activity)
    política feminine
    to go into / enter politics dedicarse a la política
    • a career in politics una carrera política
    • to talk politics hablar de política