Translation of polka dot in Spanish:

polka dot

lunar, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈpoʊ(l)kə dɑt/


  • 1

    lunar masculine
    topo masculine Spain
    (material) (before noun) de lunares
    (material) (before noun) de topos Spain
    • Set in a rural landscape with goats and two huts, a woman in pointy shoes sips tea while another is dressed up for a night on the town with big red lips, a polka dot dress and a hat.
    • I tied a polka-dot handkerchief to the end of a stick, in which I placed all of my worldly belongings, built a raft and floated downstream to begin the summer vacation that, indeed, ended all summer vacations.
    • The pink and green gives it a somewhat playful mood, and you could play this up, with a polka-dot shower curtain or towels.
    • In St. Petersburg's popular ‘Idiot’ café a bust of Lenin sports a racy polka-dot tie.
    • He scanned the street, his gaze narrowing on a woman a few years older than he seemed to be, wearing saddle shoes, white ankle socks, a white flared skirt, and a polka-dot top, her red hair bouncing in a long ponytail.
    • As his blond wife, Katie, clad in a simple polka-dot dress and checked apron, serves their steak and potatoes, Bannion puts away the paper and opens a few beers and they discuss their daughter Joyce.
    • Then the stage was stormed by a woman in an elegant polka-dot dress who delighted the audience with a story of Lord Byron - or rather, an insane man who entertained delusions of Byron-ism.
    • Nicola sells lingerie in polka-dot fabric, designer cosmetics targeting children, apple-shaped plastic handbags and candy in pop-art-like packaging.
    • After leading on his own for 149 km, Wegmann is finally absorbed back in the peloton but can rest assured that the polka-dot jersey is his for stage eight.
    • But there is still the glory of stage wins and the races within the race - for the green sprinter's jersey and the polka-dot climber's jersey, among others.
    • Fiona wore a polka-dot skirt from Coast, with a white jacket from M&S Autograph, and a hat from Debenhams, while Hannah wore a black and white skirt with sequins and asymmetric cropped jacket in black.
    • For babies, there is an adorable polka dot romper suit, while older children will love his denim and rugby-style collection.
    • Minutes later, a slightly paunchy, balding, middle aged man wearing blue tinted Granny glasses, jeans and a polka dot shirt, bounces into the room.
    • Not only did she send along one of her gorgeous button pin cushions but she also made a polka dot scissors case and included some fabric and a vintage table cloth.
    • But as the former principal shuffled from the dock yesterday, wearing a white polka-dot blouse and three-quarter length grey wool wraparound, she looked a broken woman.
    • She stepped out from behind the wall revealing the purple polka-dot pajama bottoms and white tank top she was wearing.
    • Her bright red hair was held up in a polka-dot hair-tie, like a bulbous Lucille Ball.
    • Her matted hair was the color of unbaked red clay and her brown polka-dot dress was wrinkled, discolored under her arms.
    • This is similar to the way that, standing in the department store, looking at the tiny polka-dot skirts, you remember yourself as the size 6 slim-hipped sprite of your youth.
    • The best guess about the hideous polka-dot job that Elk wore on Sunday was that he bought it on eBay as an investment, believing it had once been worn by Joan Crawford.