Translation of poll in Spanish:


votación, n.

Pronunciation /pəʊl//poʊl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(ballot)

      votación feminine
      to take a poll on sth someter algo a votación
      • he criticized the conduct of the poll criticó la forma en que se había llevado a cabo la votación
      • Before you go to the polls for the upcoming general election, I ask every person to ponder these questions: What have the Liberals done for Canada?
      • Today, there are problems because when those vying for offices fail to win the polls, then the elections have been rigged and the issue should be settled physically.
      • As Australia prepares to go to the polls for a general election on Saturday, Howard continues to defend his government's tough stance on asylum seekers.
      • Soon the country will go to the polls at the general election.
      • Today, millions of Mexicans go to the polls in elections that - just possibly - could mark the first peaceful change of power that the nation has known.
      • However, Gordon anticipates success at the polls not only on election promises, but because of his character and personality.
      • Fung said he has no idea who is behind the threats, and he does not believe they have anything to do with the September Legco election because the polls are still some time away.
      • Voters in the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville have been going to the polls in the first elections for an autonomous government.
      • Such a defeat would further damage its chances of maintaining power at a national level when Indians go to the polls for general elections due by 2004.
      • Many of these machines will get their first test on March 2, Super Tuesday, when voters head to polls in ten states.
      • In the meantime, despite the anorexic pickings currently being offered us, we still need to honor our duty as citizens by heading to the polls on Election Day.
      • The candidates will seek the black vote at the polls to advance through the primary elections.
      • For those not jaded by the whole process, the polls represent a chance to cast a verdict on Kim Dae Jung's achievements so far.
      • No one was injured, but early reports of the blasts sent stocks down - as British voters overseas headed to the polls for parliamentary elections.
      • The survey of 250 shoppers was carried out during the city's 10-day Festival Europa and as the region prepares to go the polls in the European elections.
      • When the country goes to the polls in the European elections next month, will the voters make a conscious decision to choose someone they consider the best MEP?
      • Weeks of political campaigning comes to an end today as voters across the country go to the polls in the general election.
      • Persistent showers and overcast skies did not stop the people of Antigua and Barbuda from going to the polls in general elections on Tuesday.
      • But then one may ask, why only in localities that are headed for polls?
      • Moreover, new members are now eligible to be nominated to run in general elections or party polls instead of having to wait for between two to five years.

    • 1.2(number of votes cast)

      there has been a particularly low/heavy poll pocos/muchos electores han acudido a las urnas
      • there was a 62% poll la participación electoral fue de un 62%
      • the poll for the candidate was 18,731 el cómputo de votos para el candidato fue de 18.731

    • 1.3opinion poll

      encuesta (de opinión) feminine
      sondeo (de opinión) masculine

  • 2polls plural

    (polling stations)
    the polls
    • to go to the polls ir / acudir a las urnas
    • if she wins at the polls si gana las elecciones
    • a defeat at the polls una derrota electoral
    • the polls have not yet closed se continúa votando

transitive verb

  • 1

    (votes) (obtain) obtener
    (votes) (cast) emitir
    the Democratic candidate polled 88,052 votes el candidato demócrata obtuvo 88.052 votos
    • Those polled said their opinions were shaped by U.S. policies, rather than by values or culture.
    • Even if 2,326 votes polled by Jammu State Morcha were to be added to the BJP tally, it added up to a measly 5,493.
    • Deputy Mayor is to be Apu Bagchi, a likeable and genuine man who though he only polled some four thousand votes has a big following locally.
    • Having polled a commendable 5,468 first preferences votes in the recent general election, Cllr Browne is confident he is in a good position to take a senate seat.
    • More than half of the firms polled believe that when the Government decided on the implementation of a definite policy and the conclusion of contracts, they tend to favour certain persons and companies.
    • To Paul's surprise all those polled expressed the same opinion.
    • Moreover, doctors who polled the most votes at a recent GMC by-election included one once struck off for her attitude to patients and colleagues and another fined for carrying out surgery without consent.
    • Some of the advisers who are polled for their opinions use sentiment indicators when forecasting.
    • Kevin Kelly of the Green Party polled a respectable 304 votes and as the count proper began some pundits offered him an outside chance of taking a seat.
    • His entry took the overall prize, having polled the most votes.
    • Some companies are basing product development on polling consumers on their preferences in products, flavors, colors and other personal choices.
    • Under the closed list system, the number of MEPs elected from each party should reflect the proportion of votes polled by each party.
    • Apparently we're going to be polled over the coming months and if the vote goes through the service will change in late 2006.
    • But, it does illustrate the fact that little kids ‘vote’ like their parents when they are polled.
    • This means that should you get say 20% of the vote at the election, you won't get 20% of the seats in Parliament, only those seats where you polled the most votes.
    • But the votes polled by these two political parties in the state do not seem to suggest this.
    • Keira has always been safe Labor, but last state election Martin did get a pretty sizeable chunk of the vote - he polled a fairly close second to Campbell, and should have given them a scare.
    • This year, nearly 11,000 business leaders were polled in a record 117 economies worldwide.
    • We polled plant breeders, seed sellers, and food scientists to learn what should go into a health-promoting vegetable garden.
    • She tracks the success of the advertising by polling customers so she knows the ads are successful.
    • At that moment, if one polled the Promenaders, they would surely vote to restore the entire country to rough pasture and verdant meadows.
    • Twenty-five of 43 students informally polled by the Peak said they did not intend to vote in the elections.
    • She added that she did not think the leaflets had stopped people voting for her because she polled a reasonable 479 votes in a safe Conservative seat.
    • He polled an excellent 20% of the public vote on his last live performance and was the second contestant through to the next round.
    • Only half of those polled believe a ban should be imposed, and among those who do, a large proportion believe pubs should be exempted.
    • The survey, by Penguin Books, found that more than half the men polled believed that flattering a woman would be enough to impress her.
    • The vice president who polls the most votes may not necessarily get picked as the next deputy PM.
    • In the first round, it polled a million votes fewer than it had won in the local elections, but it was still on course for 118 seats, with the FLN at around twenty.
    • Kelly polled a magnificent 195 votes on the first count to complete one of the most comprehensive ever election successes at congress.
    • When only Democrats are polled, more than half report they feel that way.
    • Voting machines recorded no votes for James Cashman at all in one precinct, but in others he says he polled plenty of votes.
    • After the vote was taken, they polled the kids to find out what they voted for - they were to write down their favourite subject rather than use the ballot.
    • Sometimes, the results are even for all adults without even polling people who are registered to vote.
    • They may seem trivial to you, but think of it this way - if you could poll half a million people world wide each day as to what they thought the most important issue of the day was, wouldn't that be useful?
    • A random sample of 2,646 people across all regions of England, including the capital, was polled by Opinion Research Business.
    • At 1,242 votes, Councillor John Hall, who did not want to comment on the incident, polled the most support but only 12 votes ahead of his party colleague Nigel Anderton.
    • Despite all this, Jack McCann gained the most votes, polling an impressive 22,000.
    • Sirius is currently polling existing satellite radio customers to determine what content would sell well in vehicles.
    • He polled a magnificent 195 votes on the first count and completely blew his rivals out of the water.
    • He polled twenty votes, beating Ian McMillan, the poet-in-residence for Barnsley FC.
  • 2

    (electorate) sondear
    (electorate) encuestar
    she polled the board of directors sondeó / tanteó a la junta directiva
    • a majority of those polled la mayoría de los encuestados
    • union members are to be polled on the proposal la propuesta se va a someter a votación entre los miembros del sindicato
  • 3

    (sheep/cattle) descornar
    • All his calves have been polled.
    • As an added bonus, every Thunderhouse calf born to date has been polled!
    • She is polled and two out of the three kids each year have been polled.
  • 4

    • We must keep polling the device to keep it active.
    • A management system identifies conditions on the network by periodically polling the network devices or in response to a message from a network device.
    • With serialized devices it should be possible to poll every compromised device on the Net just like using a traffic camera to catch drivers who run red lights.
    • Old and crude methods for this required the software to poll the device continuously for status and changes.
    • With my PC and a Bluetooth card, I can poll all the Bluetooth devices in range, and listen out for any broadcasts they make.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    he polled better than expected obtuvo más votos de lo que se esperaba