Translation of poll in Spanish:


votación, n.

Pronunciation: /poʊl//pəʊl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(ballot)

      votación feminine
      to take a poll on sth someter algo a votación
      • he criticized the conduct of the poll criticó la forma en que se había llevado a cabo la votación
      • Fung said he has no idea who is behind the threats, and he does not believe they have anything to do with the September Legco election because the polls are still some time away.
      • When the country goes to the polls in the European elections next month, will the voters make a conscious decision to choose someone they consider the best MEP?
      • However, Gordon anticipates success at the polls not only on election promises, but because of his character and personality.
      • Today, there are problems because when those vying for offices fail to win the polls, then the elections have been rigged and the issue should be settled physically.
      • In the meantime, despite the anorexic pickings currently being offered us, we still need to honor our duty as citizens by heading to the polls on Election Day.
      • Weeks of political campaigning comes to an end today as voters across the country go to the polls in the general election.
      • For those not jaded by the whole process, the polls represent a chance to cast a verdict on Kim Dae Jung's achievements so far.
      • Many of these machines will get their first test on March 2, Super Tuesday, when voters head to polls in ten states.
      • Moreover, new members are now eligible to be nominated to run in general elections or party polls instead of having to wait for between two to five years.
      • Such a defeat would further damage its chances of maintaining power at a national level when Indians go to the polls for general elections due by 2004.
      • Voters in the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville have been going to the polls in the first elections for an autonomous government.
      • As Australia prepares to go to the polls for a general election on Saturday, Howard continues to defend his government's tough stance on asylum seekers.
      • But then one may ask, why only in localities that are headed for polls?
      • The candidates will seek the black vote at the polls to advance through the primary elections.
      • Soon the country will go to the polls at the general election.
      • Before you go to the polls for the upcoming general election, I ask every person to ponder these questions: What have the Liberals done for Canada?
      • No one was injured, but early reports of the blasts sent stocks down - as British voters overseas headed to the polls for parliamentary elections.
      • The survey of 250 shoppers was carried out during the city's 10-day Festival Europa and as the region prepares to go the polls in the European elections.
      • Today, millions of Mexicans go to the polls in elections that - just possibly - could mark the first peaceful change of power that the nation has known.
      • Persistent showers and overcast skies did not stop the people of Antigua and Barbuda from going to the polls in general elections on Tuesday.

    • 1.2(number of votes cast)

      there has been a particularly low/heavy poll pocos/muchos electores han acudido a las urnas
      • there was a 62% poll la participación electoral fue de un 62%
      • the poll for the candidate was 18,731 el cómputo de votos para el candidato fue de 18.731

    • 1.3render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      encuesta (de opinión) feminine
      sondeo (de opinión) masculine

  • 2polls pl

    (polling stations)
    the polls
    • to go to the polls ir / acudir a las urnas
    • if she wins at the polls si gana las elecciones
    • a defeat at the polls una derrota electoral
    • the polls have not yet closed se continúa votando

transitive verb

  • 1

    (obtain) obtener
    (cast) emitir
    the Democratic candidate polled 88,052 votes el candidato demócrata obtuvo 88.052 votos
  • 2

    (electorate) sondear
    (electorate) encuestar
    she polled the board of directors sondeó / tanteó a la junta directiva
    • a majority of those polled la mayoría de los encuestados
    • union members are to be polled on the proposal la propuesta se va a someter a votación entre los miembros del sindicato
  • 3

    (sheep/cattle) descornar
  • 4


intransitive verb


  • 1

    he polled better than expected obtuvo más votos de lo que se esperaba