Translation of pollster in Spanish:


encuestador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpoʊlstər//ˈpəʊlstə/


  • 1

    encuestador masculine
    encuestadora feminine
    • No one should be fooled by the illusory claims of the opinion pollsters.
    • Pollsters say that getting a phone call from a pollster is not nearly as unique as it once was.
    • There are many reasons why most journalists, analysts, TV pundits and even the pollsters got it so wrong.
    • Certainly there is broad public support for educational reform, or so the pollsters tell us.
    • The conflict in views between opinion pollsters over what is going on in the election has reached its most acute over recent polls.
    • Then the pollsters started conducting scientific polls of the general population.
    • Comparisons between polls done by competing pollsters are absolutely meaningless.
    • Nobody will tell an opinion pollster they want less money, still less vote for it.
    • They usually reveal more about the pollsters ' prejudices than the public's opinions.
    • I think it's hard for pollsters, in all fairness to them, to measure what's going on out there.
    • The results startled even the pollsters who conducted and analyzed the surveys.
    • Re-evaluate your budget priorities if over half of your polling is to be conducted by a pollster that is not hired by the campaign.
    • Political scientists and candidate pollsters track opinion on candidates and issues.
    • The Pakistani commentators and the pollsters are predicting that my party is going to win tomorrow.
    • The findings of these studies puzzled media researchers and opinion pollsters at the time.
    • That was perhaps, the most accurate reading of the public pulse that I've seen by pollsters.
    • No one but the pollsters themselves and political fanatics will care which pollster got it right or wrong.
    • While most pollsters say they would contact clients whose analyses didn't tally with the numbers, few ever do.
    • Millions tell pollsters they would vote Lib Dem if the voting system let them.
    • Think about it, you are sitting at home and pollsters are actually calling and acting interested in you.