Translation of pollutant in Spanish:


contaminante, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈlutnt//pəˈl(j)uːt(ə)nt/


  • 1

    contaminante masculine
    agente contaminante masculine
    • Fugitive emissions can make a significant contribution to total emissions of air pollutants from many industries.
    • However, some studies also focused on the mechanisms by which particles without organic pollutants cause carcinogenic effects.
    • Recently attention has been focused on the assessment of biological risks of low-level exposure to environmental pollutants.
    • Pentachlorophenol (PCP) is a good example of a nasty environmental pollutant.
    • At each link in the chain, the concentration of pollutants increases.
    • Computer models of water currents can also be used to predict the fate of pollutants released into the water.
    • Many scientists have studied the effects of pollutants on the ozone layer, often with startling results.
    • There are no direct data to assess the potential effects of contamination by air-borne pollutants on arctic insects.
    • A global pollutant of most aquatic systems, nitrate has the potential to be an endocrine disrupting contaminant.
    • Studies examining the effects of air pollutants often use a single compound.
    • Habitats in San Francisco Bay are impaired by pollutants including mercury.
    • Exactly how air pollutants increase the risk of death is not well known.
    • The finding could help determine the background levels of various water pollutants.
    • The emphasis is not on taxing pollutants or simply outlawing pollutants.
    • Vast factories soon began to pour pollutants into the atmosphere in ever increasing quantities.
    • Incredibly low concentrations of a pollutant in the environment can be concentrated enormously by the food chain.
    • The release of industrial pollutants into the atmosphere is believed to accelerate the process.
    • Unfortunately for hayfever sufferers, pollen is a natural pollutant of the air.
    • Widespread environmental pollutants may retard puberty, suggests a new study of adolescents.