Translation of polygraph in Spanish:


polígrafo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑliˌɡræf//ˈpɒlɪɡrɑːf/


  • 1

    polígrafo masculine
    detector de mentiras masculine
    • Lie-detector technology has moved on from cumbersome polygraphs that measure physiological responses to questions.
    • Mechanical activity was recorded on a polygraph via isometric transducers.
    • One was setting up a polygraph, laying out the lie detector's telltale wires and cords.
    • He invented a lie-detecting machine called the polygraph.
    • Depending on the mode of recording, the signal has to be amplified for feeding a polygraph or digitized for recording on hard disk.
    • Well, I tell you what - No.1, polygraphs, truth detectors, lie detectors are not allowed in the courts, even down there in Aruba.
    • The subject was asked to stand up immediately and changes in the heart rate were noted in the polygraph.
    • He'd show them the communications center, neat gear such as polygraphs and Breathalyzers, demonstrate photography and fingerprinting, and generally try to show them a good time and build a positive rapport.
    • Traditional lie detectors, known as polygraphs, measure heart and respiratory rates as a person answers questions.
    • And it was a big turnaround for him to suddenly decry the use of polygraphs.
    • One of the points that Stephen Hatfill also made - and you're an authority on this, you know something about polygraphs given your former line of work in the Defense Intelligence Agency.
    • The results suggest that fMRI may one day prove a more accurate lie detector than the polygraph.
    • Objective responses are recorded on a polygraph trace.
    • But during her polygraph examination, the machine showed that her perspiration and skin resistance were abnormal.
    • Also within the Shaughnessy affidavit are details of polygraph - lie detector - evidence which throws the entire prosecution theory into chaos.
    • Accomplished liars will beat polygraphs, mislead interrogators, and hoodwink the most sophisticated security regime.
    • Dr Zuhair Bandar and his team at Manchester Metropolitan University say the system has already proved more accurate than traditional polygraphs.
    • He did not invent the polygraph, but he did design the Backster control question technique, called the zone technique.
    • Guilty people can also beat polygraphs by suppressing their physiological reactions with the help of mental countermeasures such as meditation or physical ones such as drugs.
    • They found out that polygraphs did not detect these people lying.