Translation of polyphony in Spanish:


polifonía, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈlɪf(ə)ni//pəˈlɪfəni/


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    polifonía feminine
    • The characteristic feature of Georgian folk music is polyphony.
    • Messiaen's almost Pentecostal polyphony not only makes us hear traditional melodies with new ears, it also makes us return to nature and listen to those sounds with a deeper spiritual understanding.
    • The combination of melodies in polyphony, one of the great artistic achievements of medieval Europe, has produced the need for a more specialized explanation of melody in Western music.
    • What surprised me was that a group from the opera chorus, joined by some students, wanted to give a whole concert of Renaissance polyphony, a style of music which the Russians never fostered.
    • This frees McFerrin to experiment with musical forms ranging from Medieval polyphony to African folk music.