Translation of pomander in Spanish:


poma, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈmandə//ˈpoʊˌmændər//ˈpɒməndə//poʊˈmændər/


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    (bola elaborada con hierbas y sustancias aromáticas) poma feminine
    • In the sixteenth century, chatelaines included a variety of attachments such as keys, knives, pouches, rosaries, pomanders, books of hours, and mirrors.
    • She had no desire for the pomander, and did not know why she had bought it.
    • The other bridesmaids wore burnt orange dresses and carried pomanders of fresh black-eyed cream germinis.
    • The younger bridesmaids wore pale lilac shimmer satin dresses with cream embroidered bodices, and carried pomanders of lilac and cream flowers.
    • ‘The laws of consanguinity have always been more lax there,’ Valerian explained, cupping her lavender filled pomander in her lap.
    • A silver chain hugged the swell of her hips, holding the long chain of her pomander and her string of prayer beads.
    • My younger sister put it better after arriving back from school at Christmas, clutching a pomander that she's made herself.
    • So do flasks, used for a variety of purposes, including to hold perfume, which could also be dispensed in the popular ball-shaped pomanders (pommes d' ambre) and musk-balls.
    • The pomander - a small perforated container filled with spices and herbs and worn on the body - was meant to provide a continuous fragrant shield against disease.
    • There will be guided tours of the hall by guides in period costume and visitors will be able to make such things as pomanders, scent bags and butter.
    • Sugar surveys the great lake of lavender before her, and measures it against a pomander of petals such as she might be able to hold in her hand.