Translation of pomp in Spanish:


pompa, n.

Pronunciation /pɒmp//pɑmp/


  • 1

    pompa feminine
    fausto masculine
    pomp and circumstance pompa y solemnidad
    • The very first episode shows a Europe immersed in the grandeur of pomp and circumstance.
    • The crowd went on its way all smiling and you wondered whether there could be pomp and ceremony, any kind of public celebration without a brass band.
    • Break open the Pimms and get ready for five days of tradition, pomp and ceremony - and loads of rowing action.
    • They all went home and prepared for the grand parade for the Governor - who did arrive to great pomp and ceremony.
    • Opening with pomp and ceremony, China brought 100 of its companies to New York City.
    • The pomp and ceremony of Prince Felipe's wedding, two months after the attacks, allowed Madrid to indulge itself again.
    • The magnificent pomp and ceremony of Royal occasions remains a rich symbol of Britain's great history.
    • In 1840 his body is exhumed and with pomp and ceremony moved to Paris.
    • In a documentary to be shown on BBC 2 tonight, he will reveal his distaste for pomp and ceremony in the Anglican Church.
    • Why devote so much pomp and ceremony to someone who lived such a long and full life and died peacefully?
    • There was no special pomp and ceremony to mark the occasion.
    • The celebration was a grand display of pomp and circumstance led by the students of the school.
    • We can have as much pomp and circumstance as we like, but it's not going to turn our Parliament into something it's not.
    • A group of locals are carefully preserving unique traditions throughout the year - traditions which are more than just pomp and ceremony.
    • It was an incredible ceremony - steeped in all the tradition, pomp and ceremony one has come to expect of Oxford, and this was at its best.
    • These scenes were not unlike those described in the film, only the pomp and circumstance was held at home and on the front simultaneously.
    • Thanks to famous Indian secularism, this Buddhist tradition, in all its ceremonial pomp, continues to this day.
    • The festival runs from early July to late August and is rich in medieval pomp and ceremony as well as classical music and theatre.
    • The event took place with a flourish of military pomp and ceremony, and army officers wore black armbands in memory of the Queen Mother.
    • To appease the citizens, a ‘building safeguard programme’ was announced with pomp and ceremony.