Translation of pooh-pooh in Spanish:


reírse de, v.

Pronunciation /ˌpuˈpu//ˈpuːpuː//puːˈpuː/

transitive verb


  • 1

    reírse de
    • He also pooh-poohed suggestions that low-fare carriers are making traditional carriers obsolete.
    • Granma went home and told her husband what the clairvoyant had said, but he pooh-poohed the idea, and so no action was taken.
    • Some people pooh-pooh the idea, grumbling that Hollywood has run out of original ideas.
    • He pooh-poohed the idea of running to the store to get pre-party and post-party supplies.
    • When the late Nobel Laureate Luis Alvarez more than two decades ago proposed his theory that a comet or asteroid had done in the dinosaurs, paleontologists and many other scientists pooh-poohed the idea.
    • Unmoved we stared at a load of cold, geometrical abstractions, pooh-poohed the idea of living in such a gallery and, on the brink of calling it a day, stoically suffered on.
    • I spoke to Ben at the time, who pooh-poohed the idea.
    • Microsoft and Telecom have pooh-poohed suggestions that consumers will be burned by broadband charges when using Microsoft's recently launched Xbox Live online gaming service…
    • Schmidt begins by stressing the importance of collaborative decision making and pooh-poohing the idea of the visionary CEO as leader.
    • Now coaching youngsters at grassroots level, she pooh-poohs the notion that one person's idea of realism should be allowed to suffocate another's dreams.
    • Inside it's all creaky floorboards and wooden panelling, yet he pooh-poohs the idea of a ghost.
    • My editors over the years had always pooh-poohed my suggestion for a media section or page as boring for readers, who'd see it as navel gazing.
    • Historian Charles MacDonald has pooh-poohed the idea of a cover-up.
    • ‘I'm reluctant to pooh-pooh the idea of true love, because it's such a treasured view in our culture,’ says Hazan.
    • The current favourite among the newer generation of stars, Kapoor with a toss of her well shaped head pooh-poohs any suggestions of being the ‘dumb blonde’.
    • My lust for life and overindulgence meant that I pooh-poohed the idea of taking seven days to detox - as a Londoner, I could do it in a single day.
    • He also pooh-poohs the idea of auspicious days for starting house construction.
    • Like those before him, Horowitz pooh-poohs the idea of a recalcitrant left waking up to the error of its anti-war protesting ways.
    • Linguists pooh-pooh the idea that the original meaning of a term can somehow persist in the collective unconscious after it has been lost to individual recall.
    • His doctor pooh-poohs the idea this may be due to any of the drugs he's taking.