Translation of pooper scooper in Spanish:

pooper scooper

Pronunciation /ˈpupər ˌskupər//ˈpuːpə/



  • 1

    pala para recoger excremento de perros en calles, jardines públicos etc
    • Well, let's face it, you cannot go for a walk on the beach, do some shopping, cruise the local beauty spots and have a pint with a pooper scooper in your purse or your back pocket.
    • Perhaps you didn't have a poop scoop on you at the time, never mind I cleaned it up for you.
    • Does this mean that dogs will have to be kept on leads on Woodstown beach and that their owners will be fined if they do not bring their pooper scooper with them and use it whenever their mutt soils the beach?
    • Either they're reasonable residents doing some helpful work for the team, or (as has been the case at times), you spend the whole day running after them with a shovel and a pooper scooper.
    • ‘And, Carol,’ he added as I was leaving, ‘don't forget when you go out walking to take along a plastic bag as well as a poop scoop.
    • The litter bins around the park are not specifically for dog waste, but people can still use them to put their poop scoop bags in.
    • ‘The dogs are soiling the place - they are being let loose in the cemetery and the people don't use the pooper scoopers that are available, ‘said a cemetery committee spokeswoman.’
    • Looks like a lot of fun, as long as you're not on the pooper scooper squad.
    • ‘Anyone with a dog licence will get a packet of pooper scooper bags in the post,’ he says after another resident mentions it as a favourite bugbear.
    • A new undercover poop scoop team will be out to catch irresponsible early-morning dog walkers who fail to clean up after their canine friends.