Translation of poorly in Spanish:


mal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpʊəli//ˈpɔrli//ˈpɔːli//ˈpʊrli/



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    to be/feel poorly estar/sentirse mal
    • A year ago I was in a poorly state, and my heart was protesting in the only way it knows.
    • Yesterday, he remained in a stable but poorly condition in the intensive care unit at Leeds General Infirmary.
    • This will make it possible to transfer poorly patients in and out of bed with maximum safety and comfort
    • The Palazzo Mocenigo, where Byron lived for many months alongside dogs, cats, monkeys and a poorly crow.
    • She finally called it a day and left without even seeing her poorly pal.
    • They have opened a hospice for poorly cats and dogs and I decided I wanted to help them out.
    • There was me dancing all the way down Main Street, despite my poorly leg.
    • Daniel is still in a very poorly condition in the Critical Care Unit at Royal Preston Hospital.
    • In fact, even when she is poorly Sophie just keeps going until she just can't do any more.
    • Zoe Bird, 26, was forced to walk for an hour to reach her home with poorly toddler son Ryan after they were forced to leave the car.
    • At present, very poorly children are cared for in two small rooms with limited equipment.
    • I'm really trying to not do the whole stereotypical poorly male thing, but I can't help it.
    • A writer is hoping for chart success with a touching song devoted to poorly youngster Kirsty Howard.
    • Premiership stars took time out from training to give poorly children a massive Christmas boost.
    • On Saturday night, at work, a poorly woman in the audience chucked up.
    • Last year he accidentally ate some carrots that hadn't been washed and later he had a poorly tummy.
    • Jakey on the other hand is poorly due to having an injection.
    • He's in a very poorly state, apparently, and the prospect of a good recovery doesn't look too hopeful.
    • I didn't manage too many lengths today but I haven't been for 2 weeks since being poorly sick.
    • Adult winner Lisa Sainsbury said her tale about the unique allure of food was based on her poorly grandmother.


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    (perform/play) mal
    the servants were poorly treated trataban mal a los sirvientes
    • they were poorly paid les pagaban muy poco
    • she did very poorly in the exam sacó muy mala nota en el examen
    • the street was very poorly lit había muy poca luz en la calle
    • We do our best, it's an amateur sport, and people have to remember that we don't go out to perform poorly.
    • Information within a resource may be poorly organised or have inadequate titles or subtitles.
    • It is also the case that the BBC performs rather poorly when it is most concerned about ratings and loses sight of reach.
    • Many Irish companies communicate poorly and give inadequate feedback to employees.
    • Without a strong emphasis on learning, we will end up with a poorly skilled workforce which performs badly economically.
    • One British athlete who could legitimately claim to have an excuse for performing poorly here is Jonathan Edwards.
    • Another poorly performing area is the southeast of England, which has the highest rate of dog and cat heart disease.
    • Under the star ratings system, trusts could still do well overall even if they performed poorly on financial management.
    • It was re-edited, but still performed poorly on its original release.
    • Clare performed poorly in Division 2A winning only two of their seven league games.
    • In France, at national and club level, when a team is performing poorly, supporters desert their side in droves.
    • The committee meeting was open to all 44 clubs, with two votes available per club, but was poorly attended.
    • In comparison, Geraldton meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday were poorly attended.
    • Government intervention has been in the form of a law that is inadequate and poorly implemented.
    • Yet chronic disease is often poorly treated and inadequately prevented.
    • Britain is also pulling away from France and Italy and other poorly performing Euro-zone economies.
    • Many mortuaries are dilapidated or poorly designed with inadequate viewing facilities.
    • It was that beauty the great poets dream about but describe most poorly and inadequately.
    • The KPU has also been performing poorly in conducting public campaigns about the elections.
    • In some schools, according to the Times, poorly performing students are encouraged to drop out.
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    (showing signs of poverty)
    the children were poorly dressed los niños iban pobremente vestidos
    • She is angry not that he lives poorly, but that he has given up after she has given him everything.
    • Let it be enough for you to have bread and live virtuously and poorly like Christ, as I do here.
    • Yes, these jobs provide work and money but they are poorly paid and usually short term.
    • A few have nets, but most are forced to try to make some money as poorly paid day labourers.