Translation of pop-out in Spanish:


eyectable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɒpaʊt//ˈpɑpaʊt/



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    • In addition to a centre console/trunk, there are several dash compartments, four cup-holders in front (permanent in the console and pop-out from the dash), and two large bins in each door.
    • Its planes have bolted steel doors, too; the crew can escape through pop-out front windows if they need to.
    • From there, the space began to grow, with found objects, Jack's beanstalk, pop-out characters, balloons, ladders in the air.
    • Constructed of shiny clean aluminum in 1978, its curvy interior, overhead storage, and pop-out tables epitomize modern design.
    • She stressed that many pills were available in pop-out packs which were even harder to make child-resistant.
    • Four years down the line and the Christmas list is shaping up along these lines: pistol, cutlass, bow and arrow and some kind of gun with a pop-out cork.
    • Ferretti says all vine crops can be transplanted if plantable containers or plastic pop-out containers are used, so gardeners can buy starter plants from garden centers or grow their own from seed.
    • As luck would have it, the craft store happened to have baby books, and Ally picked out one that was pretty without being impractically covered in lace and bows and pop-out pictures of cherubs.
    • In the master suite, another pop-out deck catches the breezes and views of surrounding Rancho Mission Viejo.
    • Truss's humorous tract on the rights and wrongs of punctuation now comes complete with a novelty pop-out repair kit of adhesive stickers for punctuation vigilantes.
    • To the left of the loft's ladder is a pop-out bay window, a spot for relaxing while looking out over the colorful gardens that Cindy planted for Caroline.
    • The filets have little pop-out thermometers that tell you when they're done.
    • Colorful truck tailgates become benches and railings, and pop-out rear car windows become display shelves.
    • You can re-cover a pop-out chair seat like this one quickly and easily.
    • Also, a pair of tricksy pop-out cupholders hide behind a flimsy bit of plastic on the passenger side.
    • That led to something called closed control, where medication was put into little pop-out packs.