• 1

    • 1.1(well-liked)

      he's not very popular around here por aquí no le tienen mucha simpatía
      • he's a very popular politician among the young es un político muy popular entre los jóvenes
      • to be popular with sb
      • she is popular with her students goza de popularidad entre sus alumnos
      • he's very popular with the girls tiene mucho éxito con las chicas
      • I'm not very popular with her at the moment últimamente no soy santo de su devoción

    • 1.2(frequently used)

      (restaurant/resort) muy frecuentado
      a list of the most popular names una lista de los nombres más comunes
      • the most popular reason cited by respondents la respuesta más frecuente entre los encuestados
      • For a number of years he drove the local school bus and was very popular with all his young passengers.
      • Studies of Scottish popular belief in the trials have hitherto emphasised narratives.
      • The group was led by his younger brother Koki who was always popular with everyone, cool and laid back.
      • It has become in her view an arty scene, trendy to visit at the weekend and popular with tourists.
      • A new government in Baghdad will have to do its utmost to meet popular expectations.
      • The books have become hugely popular with young boys and students who don't like to read.
      • Contrary to popular belief, in the right circumstances domesticated dogs will kill cats.
      • Don't be tempted by the increasingly popular belief that all garden furniture needs a patio.
      • That was quite popular with the folk crowd, but I kept my eye open to what was going on in the States.
      • The popular opinion was that if Stein had a weakness it was in making substitutions.
      • In fact, Moore expresses a set of increasingly popular attitudes toward politics.
      • It's a cross between netball and football, and is popular with Norwegian girls in this country.
      • Doncaster town centre has an enormous market which is popular with locals and visitors alike.
      • The Nomads played at the club on Thursday and proved very popular with the membership.
      • Mardar is a motorcycle courier, popular with the girls for his brooding good looks.
      • There is no sense of the artist's responsibility to represent popular sentiments.
      • I was awkward around girls, albeit very popular with them because I could make them laugh.
      • This is the rule of the law, which must not be held sway to the most current popular opinion.
      • In the wake of the pit closures crisis of the early 1990s, there was a shift in popular attitudes.
      • The price tags on premium ranges also contradict the popular belief that healthy eating costs more.
      • There is a popular belief amongst law enforcement officers that the war on drugs has already been lost.
      • Among his other devices to rally popular opinion was a relief of pressure on the Orthodox Church.
      • It is very popular with both boys and girls, and the boys are relieved they don't have to play with dolls in prams any more.
      • This popular fallacy about room temperature is a hangover from the years when wine was a luxury for the few.
      • We have at least established that contrary to popular belief, Yanks do have a sense of humour.
      • There is a popular belief that property is a better investment than shares.
      • Maud had a lovely manner and kind nature and she was very popular with her neighbours in Kilbeg.
      • He said the well water was of excellent quality and had always been popular with local people.
      • The game is proving very popular with locals with several wins over recent weeks.
      • In the course of his work he was known to many people in the local towns and was very popular with everybody.
      • He knew precisely how to manipulate popular opinion and revelled in the attention he got.
      • Devizes is an historic market town which is popular with local residents and those from further afield.
      • The area is popular with tourists and there is good demand for rental accommodation.
      • She was well liked and popular with her class mates and her year group.
      • In modern drama there is no such thing as the rational counter to wildfire popular beliefs.
      • Even if there is a popular belief that it is only for the classes, I cannot challenge.
      • Agricola disregarded many of the popular beliefs about minerals and fossils.
      • He knew he was handsome and popular with the girls and no girls could resist him.
      • The play is set in a country embroiled in an ongoing war, where one woman dares to stand out against popular opinion.
      • Friday was music day as musical tots proved very popular with children and staff!

    • 1.3(cheap)

      (line) económico
      (price) económico
      (price) popular

  • 2

    • 2.1(not highbrow, specialist)

      (music/literature) popular
      the film was a great popular success la película tuvo mucho éxito entre el gran público
      • the popular press la prensa popular
      • It follows that these extraordinary sculptures are more than studies in popular culture.
      • In the popular press, however, the two commingled and were accessible to all readers.
      • What we found in making these selections, is that it is all too easy to moan about the decline and fall of popular culture.
      • It is true that these are terms of public parlance, rather than of popular speech.
      • The vote was a result of a mass popular campaign uniting the left, the unions and the global justice movement.
      • Here again, he fears, his preferences are hopelessly at odds with popular tastes.
      • The Chinese exported ceramics for the popular taste of early Muslim rulers in the ninth century.
      • How does the public know the appointees are representing popular rather than elite interests?
      • We had made a pact to tackle together one of the mountains of popular cultural or die in the attempt.
      • So, if intelligent design is the popular choice, perhaps we should just get used to it.
      • He showed that at key turning points it was popular activity of the masses that shaped events.
      • The subject of each drawing is the image, or images, that created a popular cultural event.
      • Not that Home has much hope of appealing to popular taste stuck away on BBC Four, of course.
      • Ironically, it was a rant about popular press waffling on about the bursting of the internet bubble.
      • Press releases might have been compiled, to some extent, in anticipation of popular tastes.
      • Even the splits within the establishment are a product of popular anti-war pressure.
      • For the first time, environmental issues are at the heart of widespread popular activity.
      • I wonder if this approach is so popular because of intellectual laziness as much as anything else?
      • Yet they made no concessions to popular taste, or even to prevailing trends in dance music.
      • Moreover, no popular bestseller has been written or translated on this issue.

    • 2.2(of populace)

      (feeling/resentment) popular
      (rebellion) del pueblo
      (rebellion) popular
      the popular vote el voto popular
      • by popular demand/request a petición del público
      • What kinds of crime have been subject to most political and popular attention?
      • In a party built on ideology, the will of the party reigns over the popular will.
      • This vote, incidentally, represented the peak of popular support for the party.
      • I fear that you are the victim of a political party struggling to find popular appeal.
      • He made the party more amenable to Stalin, but lost a lot of popular support for the party as a result.
      • There is popular outrage over the deliberate deception used to carry out this war.
      • As in British elections, there was a carnival air to much popular involvement in politics.
      • They also saw the danger to the Labour Party of popular mobilisation led by the far left.
      • The only clue he gave lay in the distinction he made between popular sovereignty and political power.
      • As he watched popular and political support for Richard ebb away, he decided to make a bid for the crown himself.
      • There are many examples of regimes every bit as repressive as Iraq's falling to popular revolt.
      • Even those in the front line of defending the old system were overcome by the popular revolt.
      • Why did so many different regimes ask for his help when they were threatened by popular revolt?
      • The election was held without any great popular enthusiasm for any politician.
      • If the party in power has to retain popular support, it has to list out what it has achieved.
      • Sinn Fein is confident it can stretch its lead over Mark Durkan's party in terms of the popular vote.
      • This remains an extremely controversial subject in popular Italian politics.
      • The salient reality was the depth of popular antipathy to the political establishment as a whole.
      • There was genuine popular interest in the party about the debate the NPI had initiated.
      • This belief is not based on any evidence that the Labour Party enjoys massive popular support.

    • 2.3(widespread)

      (belief/notion) generalizado