Translation of populist in Spanish:


populista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɒpjʊlɪst//ˈpɑpjələst/


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    populista masculine
    (of the People's Party) miembro del Partido Populista de los EEUU
    • Zizek maintains that today the new rightist populists are the only political force which attempts to address the people with anti-capitalist rhetoric to mobilize the working class.
    • Moreover, he was something new in this state with an historic taste for populism - a centrist populist.
    • The White Australia policy was particularly championed by the ALP, the emerging trade union aristocracy and a whole host of petty bourgeois populists.
    • The backlash against the theory of evolution resonated not only with religious fundamentalists, but also with political and economic populists.
    • In Manning's opinion, Harper is not a populist in the democratic reform tradition.
    • Despite political protests from anti-American populists in Manila, the potent tool of U.S. airpower may well be applied.
    • The fact is that our Parliament is peopled largely by populists whose interest lies, so they say, in representing their voters.
    • The party defined the new Turkey as nationalist, republican, populist, secular, statist, and revolutionary.
    • At first, this was interpreted as just one of many threats made by the right-wing populist to intimidate his internal party adversaries.
    • The conversion of Bustamante from a conservative Democrat to a populist has been rather sudden.
    • This view, albeit hostile, highlights the essence of the phenomenon that evolved through the parallel activities of anarchists, populists, and syndicalists, as well as nihilists in Lenin's youth.
    • There was a time when the Democratic party was populist / progressive - William Jennings Bryan was our guy.
    • The populists and anarchists simply have no theory of the unpredictable ups and downs of capitalist growth which bolster and erode bourgeois domination of society.
    • In common with other right-wing European populists, Havel's campaign is nothing other than a cover for the dismantling of democratic rights and the establishment of an authoritarian regime faithful to the president.
    • And the only parties fighting on specifically European issues are the the UK Independence party and other populists desperate to leave the union.
    • I was interested in this notion of Grisham the Populist, based on reading the book reviews and seeing several Grisham flicks.
    • I think that this party has a big future, because no other party, apart from the populist and far-right parties, can be present in the difficult areas and housing estates.
    • Toledo's main rival in the elections was former president Alan García of the populist APRA party.
    • Like other populists, Chavez disdains any party institutionalization that might constrain his personal autonomy.
    • Its members ranged from patricians to populists, from Main Street Republicans to prairie socialists.


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