Translation of porker in Spanish:


cerdo de matanza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɔrkər//ˈpɔːkə/


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    cerdo de matanza masculine
    • Pigs were a little disappointing, averaging around 75p with more demand for the lightweight porkers.
    • The porkers damage property, threaten domestic pig farms, and may be creating human health risks, critics say.
    • Of the male pigs, only Snowball and Napoleon are boars (kept for breeding) and the others are porkers.
    • Pigs are just holding on, with baconers running from 88-95p/kilo and the best porkers up to 102p/kilo.
    • The pork trade has melted a little and baconers are running from around 90p/kilo upwards with lightweight porkers at 102p/kilo.
    • Free-range pigs have shelters shaped as triangles or half circles, but most porkers were lurking inside; pine trees had snow plastered on the north side of their trunks and the hot sun on the south side.
    • Lynn tells us the contests fall into these categories: ‘Shoulder, ribs, whole hogs and patio porkers.’
    • The wildlife management practices that favor deer also support pigs; indeed, under favorable conditions, the free-ranging porkers can breed several times a year and rapidly overpopulate a given range.
    • The government stood behind the university, promising the little porkers did not pose a public risk.
    • Bacon pigs are making from 108p upwards and the top for lightweight porkers is around 115p/kilo.
    • I shepherded porkers onto the truck that took them to slaughter.
    • And it certainly seems to work on an East Yorkshire pig farm, where a rare-breed owner has turned his prize porkers into athletes.
    • Corporate pig producers say they're developing a genetically-altered porker that produces a more environmentally-friendly manure.
    • The days when any old pig-in-the-poke could be dressed up as a prize porker and floated on the stock market are long gone.
    • Toy and sports shops in Bradford could soon be full of pig farmers who have been ordered to give their porkers something to play with.
    • Pigs are moving along very nicely and baconers are priced from 103-108p/kilo with lighter weight porkers getting up to 112p/kilo.
    • Bacon pigs are making from 95p upwards with the best of the lightweight porkers at around 104p.
    • The pig trade has enjoyed its best festive boom for several years and the top porkers have made up to 120p/kilo.
    • And Repenning says he had 448 of the porkers removed within the last year from the slough, although the efforts seem to have had little effect.
    • Imperious piebald porkers parked in the middle of the roads challenge you to run over them.