Translation of portable in Spanish:


portátil, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈpɔrdəb(ə)l//ˈpɔːtəb(ə)l/


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    (typewriter/television) portátil
    (programing language) portátil
    (pension) transferible British
    • As Patrick tells it, Fr. Foy was forbidden to say Mass on the High Altar and carried his portable tabernacle on the occasions he said his private Mass.
    • A small woman was at the desk, her head leaning on her hand as she watched a tiny portable television.
    • Whenever he is out and about he has to carry a portable oxygen tank.
    • Flocks of urbanists and media enthusiasts walked the streets carrying portable radio receivers in the hope of picking up the broadcasts.
    • So I read this section wondering whether OS X apps were somehow portable to other OSes.
    • She always carries around a small portable radio, which she calls her Transistor Radio.
    • This loan is portable, which means that you can transfer it to a home of equal or greater value.
    • I can now listen to only my favorite songs on an album, rearrange songs into my preferred order, or move them to a portable player.
    • Given modern employment patterns, workers do need a portable pension that stays with them, job to job.
    • Without waiting for a reply, Khartoum produced a tiny portable television that ran on solar power.
    • ‘Everyone is looking for products to be portable and mobile and that is where we come in with our data storage capability,’ he said.
    • He glared angrily at the small screen of the portable television that he had propped on top of a large stack of dictionaries and rule books.
    • It will also be fitted with oxygen equipment and will also carry portable oxygen equipment so that casualties can be treated before they get to the ambulance.
    • The portable TV was moved to the nook and we tried it out again.
    • Workers can pay money into an investment account weekly, monthly or whenever they can, accumulating a portable pension fund.
    • Seven years after simple, cheap, flexible portable pensions were mooted as a good idea for Irish consumers, they are finally in place.
    • Mr McDowell said afterwards a simple mistake had caused the fire after a child carried a portable television into the kitchen and left it on top of a cooker where it began to smoulder before catching fire.
    • Under a national pension system, every individual in the country would immediately have access to a low-cost, fully portable, retirement plan.
    • Now you can zap all of your huge CD collection on to one small portable hard drive and carry it around with you.
    • And a new portable mortgage locks in today's low rates - not just for this house but for the next one, too.
    • In five years time, mortgages will have become portable products with no loyalty to the lender attached.
    • For instance, the commodity is durable and it is also portable.
    • System and method for controlling data transfer between multiple interconnected computer systems with a portable input device
    • The pension plan is portable from job to job, and does not discriminate against self-employment.
    • Defined contribution schemes are also a lot more transparent and portable.
    • The PRSA, a personalised and portable pension designed to entice lower-paid workers to save for the future, was a Pensions Board initiative.
    • Workers liked the idea of personal, portable pensions and accumulating tax-deferred returns.
    • Not to stop with a portable television, mini table fan, handgrips in steel chains, the rider shows his obsession for siren and mini cone speaker.
    • Whether I was in a train or a plane, I carried a portable typewriter and never failed my editors.
    • Each worker is given a portable account credited with a percentage of pay, with interest buildup, each year.
    • The banking services include payment of interest on current accounts, portable credit history and an unbundling of banking services.
    • Once you've come to grips with the control, it does feel like true analogue movement on a portable system, but there are often occasions when you'll just wish for an actual analogue nub.
    • He was carrying some sort of portable tank with tubes into his nose, like you see for people on oxygen, but his was some sort of nutrient thing or painkiller; I'm not sure which.
    • They mostly came from inner cities around the country, usually showed up in sparkling brand new trainers, carrying a portable stereo, booming dance music.
    • Most mortgages are now portable, which means you can transfer them to a new property if you move and avoid early - repayment charges.
    • Employees usually like defined contribution plans because they are very visible, easier to understand than traditional pension plans and portable.
    • She feels that Turner's proposal to make pensions portable from one employer to the next will help make it easier for people to understand how much money they will have in retirement.
    • After an evaluation period, the generator, which has been designed to be portable, will be moved on to more testing sites such as Burgar Hill.
    • He was on a kayaking holiday, carrying a portable altar with him and using two paddles for a cross.
    • A colleague had a tiny portable television with a black and white screen.
    • Replace existing pension plans with portable private accounts administered by private financial institutions.
    • For a portable inhalant, carry a tissue or handkerchief with you on which has been placed one drop each of the previous essential oils, and inhale deeply whenever possible.
    • What Europe clearly needs is portable pensions - retirement packages that its workers can take anywhere.
    • The good news is that the process model is simple to understand, ensures stability on the system and is portable across many operating systems.
    • The same factors that made hardware-centric database machines obsolete in favor of portable database software are now at play in the storage market.
    • First, rapid changes in hardware architecture and a lack of software standards have made it difficult to develop robust, portable and efficient software.


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    (television) televisor portátil masculine
    (typewriter) máquina de escribir portátil feminine