Translation of portrait in Spanish:


retrato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɔːtrət//ˈpɔrtrət//ˈpɔːtreɪt//ˈpɔrˌtreɪt/


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    Photography Art
    retrato masculine
    to paint sb's portrait pintar / retratar a algn
    • before noun portrait gallery galería iconográfica
    • portrait painter retratista
    • Gretl had her portrait painted by Gustav Klimt, the great Austrian Art Nouveau painter.
    • He made his reputation as a painter of small-scale portraits and genre scenes of contemporary city life.
    • As was the case with his predecessor, the most eloquent image of Leo X is his portrait by Raphael.
    • The heroine was played by Rita Luna, and her portrait was painted by Goya.
    • The hunt for the identities of portraits hidden among onlookers in painted scenes has engaged some authors.
    • Many of his works consist of portraits or series of portraits of prosaic objects.
    • He broke with tradition when his official portrait was done in photographic form rather than a painting.
    • The picture above is from a engraving made from a portrait from life.
    • There are three surviving painted portraits by Rubens which show Frans with his mother, Helena.
    • She enjoyed having studio photographic portraits taken of her and her dollies.
    • It is surely permissible to see in these two portraits the hand of a single painter.
    • His exploits were commemorated in a series of paintings, portraits and engravings.
    • Although a rough and possibly abandoned study, it was almost certainly done at the time Gauguin was painting the portrait of him.
    • It is in these interior scenes and portraits that art historians have most often claimed to detect the use of the camera.
    • It's on now at the Richmond Art Gallery and consists of a series of portrait photograms and paintings.
    • She often painted portraits of herself, and of her relatives and friends.
    • Each is in turn derived from a familiar portrait by the likes of David and Holbein.
    • His portrait by Gentile Bellini faces the visitor entering the first of the Ottoman rooms.
    • Ladies come to me for a gown as they go to a distinguished painter to get their portraits put on canvas.
    • It is significant that on hearing of the death of Lacy, Bacon should have painted a triptych portrait of the dead man from memory.
  • 2also pen portrait

    retrato masculine

adjective & adverb

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    en formato vertical