Translation of portray in Spanish:


representar, v.

Pronunciation /pɔrˈtreɪ//pɔːˈtreɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    this painting portrays the Last Supper este lienzo representa la Última Cena
  • 2

    (describe, represent)
    (person/scene) describir
    he attempted to portray their appalling living conditions trató de describir las condiciones terribles en que vivían
    • a clichéd gangster as portrayed in the movies un gángster típico, como los de las películas
    • Painters, photographers and ceramicists portrayed them, and illustrators produced cartoons about them.
    • Graffiti has reached epidemic proportions spurred on by commercial concerns portraying it as ‘cool’, says a report published today.
    • In literature, novels began portraying a world in which the options offered to ‘real men’ were far more complicated than ever before.
    • Or at least reporters would be less able to portray the movement as divided.
    • All these descriptions of Scotland portray Scotland as a place where the agents of darkness have shrouded the land.
    • Not only does the painting portray these illnesses, it also depicts many of the methods used in the hospital to cure them.
    • Much of the teachings in Buddhism are portrayed through a narrative framework.
    • Interestingly, the Torah is unique among all ancient national literature in that it portrays its people in both victory and defeat.
    • The Kaiser report says it's the rare program that portrays sex with any risks or consequences.
    • The report does, however, portray a torrid tale of arrogance and incompetence by the company's management.
    • An artist himself, Bridges was drawn to portraying an illustrator.
    • Detailed research allows the group to portray aspects of later Roman life which have, until recently, been largely overlooked.
    • Do the cameras and reporters only see, or want to portray, the demeaning of America?
    • Some of the characters do not yet have pictures to portray them.
    • The compilation of this report if attempting to portray an unbiased account should have mentioned the Palestinian casualties.
    • I will table the report, because the member is portraying it incorrectly - for political purposes, I think.
    • It is tempting for trendy writers to portray him as a tool of rich imperialists oppressing the poor convicts.
    • Pictures portraying people, birds, animals used to be very popular on seals.
    • One side of the book portrays the brutality of colonization; the other depicts the determined resistance of campesinos.
    • The reports also portray a shocking tale of work almost without break and poor living conditions.
    • By 1999, its annual report was portraying it as the champion of the new economy.
    • The author also portrays Margaret's husband John not as the militant Protestant of some portrayals, but very supportive of his wife.
    • People recite poems, or act out little skits to portray their feelings.
    • Itinerant and illiterate, the Ma portrayed in Chinese newspaper reports was not a model citizen.
    • Early depictions of Cain portray him as a bearded man holding a sheaf of grain in one hand and vine-bearing grapes in the other.
    • Teenagers are often portrayed in a negative way, often linked with reports of anti-social behaviour and crime.
    • His rich experience in the field helps him portray each character better year after year.
    • This new portrait, now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery, depicts a rather more mature-looking Bill, while still portraying his huge sense of fun.
    • At its worst, the literature portrays the professor as a rusty wheel ignoring the paradigm shift.
    • The influence of such groups allows the media to portray reporting as responsible and providing ‘balance’.
    • He painted and drew the beautiful women of Belle Epoch, portraying the beauty ideal of his time, and for this reason succeeded in earning phenomenal recognition even while still alive.
    • An actor who feels he has served his time, he is angered by reports that portray him as an over night success and is not prepared to underestimate his value now.
    • Rather, Thai children's literature portrays cultural practices and values through both explicit instructions and implicit morals.
    • However my maid had gleefully portrayed to me the details of his handsome countenance.
    • Our room was not exactly how the description on the leaflet had portrayed it.
    • The author made extensive use of surviving manuscripts to portray Nelson ‘in all his paradoxical complexity’.
    • While pictures often portray the man sneering down his nose at the camera, in person he is strikingly soft-spoken, almost courtly.
    • Other reports, however, appear to portray a system in deep financial trouble.
    • The author also skillfully portrays nonevents.
    • The author deftly portrays Mitchell's cavalier attitude toward the proceedings and his consequent massacre at the hands of an able prosecutor.
  • 3

    (character) interpretar
    • Yet for all of this strength and perseverance, the film portrays Theresa as a flawed person who has not risen above her dysfunctional roots, however much it may seem so.
    • Since the Second World War all Hollywood films have portrayed the US as victors, never mentioning the Europeans.
    • The film also portrays Pilate's wife Claudia as a kind of heroine.
    • When an actress portrays a character, viewers see her emotions physically, on her face and in her body.
    • Voice acting is generally quite good, though from time to time you can expect to come across some truly awful actors portraying some of the characters.
    • Around you are other guests, actors portraying guests, and a large cast of Nunzio and Vitale family members and friends.
    • See if you can guess the famous actors portraying these characters.
    • The actors portray actors in an old fashioned music hall putting on a production of the musical.
    • The actor portraying the central character in that film wasn't a disabled person either but I would argue that it didn't matter.
    • Winners received a trip to Washington and Mt. Vernon, and got to ask their questions in person to an actor portraying the first president.
    • Three of the four children are portrayed by actors in their first major roles.
    • Later, Christensen takes another break from the action to cut to a close-up of a different actress portraying an elderly woman suspected of witchcraft.
    • As is always the case when a film contains an abnormal character, the actor portraying him takes the spotlight.
    • We firmly believe that a film which portrays someone dying is not for public viewing.
    • Actors portraying actual historical persons usually have scant resemblance to them.
    • Law's testimony is interspersed with readings by actors portraying witnesses and victims, taken from survivors' accounts and letters mailed to Law's office.
    • In fact, all the actors portraying the historical figures do so with such accuracy that it makes the film all the funnier.
    • I can't be alone in being alarmed at the significance of the film portraying a woman as the perpetrator of violence.
    • I have no qualms about talented straight actors portraying gay characters as long as they play the role completely and uncompromisingly.
    • When an actor can portray a character so well as to evoke a sincere and visceral hatred from a viewer, he has truly done his job well.