Translation of poseur in Spanish:


Pronunciation /pəʊˈzəː//poʊˈzər/


  • 1

    he's a real poseur todo en él es pura pose / afectación
    • the party was full of poseurs la fiesta estaba llena de gente que se las daba de interesante
    • he doesn't really know anything about art, he's just a poseur no sabe nada de arte pero se las da de entendido / pero adopta poses de entendido
    • For what's supposed to be the cream of our creative and cultural communities, the seemingly endless parade of poseurs parroting the same anti-free trade mantra showed a distinct lack of creativity.
    • In my mind an e-book was little more than a species of niche electronic ephemera designed to sit within a tiny ecosystem of highly-tech-friendly but not particularly tech-savvy over-monied poseurs.
    • If that idea catches on, it may be the only way to tell real New Zealanders from shame-ridden poseurs: The genuine article will have his clothes on right-way-out.
    • It was a wonderful time of peace and diversity, where punks, poseurs, happy shiny couples and twitchy loners and could coexist long enough to gobble pancakes.
    • Weingartner seems to be agonised by the fact that today's twenty-year-olds are the ‘used car generation’, voyeurs and poseurs who have nothing to express but a lack of confidence and narcissism full of envy.
    • Despite the supposed multiculturalism of our society, white people who identify with minorities outside their societal group are called poseurs and wannabes.
    • I have slowly come round to the view that Australians are right to distrust intellectuals (by which I mean cultural poseurs, not the simply clever).
    • But after that, she declined into a fog of faux gaiety; of endless tedium alleviated by white-trash boyfriends, spongers, snobs and poseurs.
    • There was a strange mix of fresh-faced punkers, aging hipsters, fashionista poseurs, prom queens, mean drunks and confused jocks at the Opera House on this chilly autumn night.
    • But unlike the playa poseurs and iced-out bling-bling rappers still living in their parents' basements, this group had no delusions of grandeur when they wrote songs about living the high life.
    • I don't go into a pub to be seen by a mob of bleedin’ style poseurs, I go there to have a pint with me mates.
    • There comes a time in the life of many a voting citizen when one frowns, shrugs and mentally dismisses the lot of them - right, left and centre - as opportunists and poseurs, all equally unfit to wear the mantle of Honorable Member.
    • I'm not one of these indie poseurs who only feels self-validation when they are listening to a band playing a series of bad, distorted chords that they and only two other poseurs in the world have even heard of.
    • The man who doesn't believe that blogging is a revolution or is financially sustainable is one of many sceptics and countercultural poseurs who like to preach certainty where the only certainty is that there is none.
    • He was a braggart and a poseur, who frequently tripped himself up by telling inconsistent versions of the same story.
    • They are both useful additions to the daily reading, since the authors have specific expertise (as well as a cunning way with words) with which to amaze and intimidate us poseurs.
    • The truth of the matter is that real sport takes place in winter; summer sports are for poseurs who affect to enjoy sport, but treat it mainly as an excuse for socialising.
    • While the politics of the event will be childish, at least the music on offer will be immeasurably better than the '80s new-wave poseurs who dominated Live Aid.
    • Alice especially despised those sorts of affected fools found in disproportionately large numbers in academe: bloviators, bad photographers, bad writers, poseurs.
    • With a market that's quick to call a poseur a poseur, authenticity was a real concern, so the licensing program was surrounded by a slew of supplementary initiatives that support the audience.