Translation of position in Spanish:


posición, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈzɪʃ(ə)n//pəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(location)

      posición feminine
      ubicación feminine Latin America
      can you give me your exact position? ¿puede darme su ubicación exacta? Latin America
      • enemy positions posiciones enemigas
      • [ S ]position closed ventanilla cerrada
      • they took up their positions in the parade ocuparon sus puestos en el desfile
      • policemen had taken up positions around the building los policías se habían apostado alrededor del edificio
      • the castle occupies a commanding position above the town el castillo domina la ciudad desde lo alto
      • they changed position se cambiaron de lugar / de sitio
      • to be in position/out of position estar en su sitio/fuera de lugar
      • Bringing the pole down into a horizontal position, my right arm out behind me, locating the position of my left hand was easy.
      • Although I know several swims well I will always use the plumbing rod to locate the exact positions that I want to fish.
      • With nowhere to go, the swelling water easily enters households situated at low positions.
      • On the other hand, Ben has dived the wreck located at the position given for the Saxon Briton.
      • The ceiling was high up from reach; oil drums and metallic cases were situated at nice positions, perfect for hiding.
      • It used GPS to locate his position on the ground and display the map of that area on his sensors.
      • He made another important contribution in using a grid to locate positions of places on the Earth.
      • In more recent times it has been located at its present position, adjacent to the meat processing plant.
      • There should never have been a car park in such a position of prominence as it is in Church Street.
      • His work in this area was aimed at locating the position of enemy guns.
      • Mr Roberts and the crew later located the position of the wreckage which they marked with an orange buoy.
      • My other car, which has been off the road for 10 years, is parked in an identical position and that wasn't ticketed.
      • Still, when you land it is nice to have a few place names to help you locate your position.
      • He was part of a troop of lightweight Bren gun carriers whose job was to go out ahead of the army to locate the positions of German Panzer tanks hidden in the sand dunes.
      • We moved all of our vehicles and soldiers from Camp Fallujah to a position about 1 mile north of the city.
      • This is determined by the simple expedient of the listener holding a microphone to locate their position in the room.
      • In the time it took to pick up the chart and locate our position, our HF antenna iced up.
      • Civilian users can locate their position on Earth to an accuracy of about thirty feet.
      • He needed to locate their defensive positions.
      • Taliban anti-aircraft positions were located on a hill nearby and the neighborhood, Wazir Akbar Khan, was home to many Taliban officials.
      • The trajectory could then be plotted and extrapolated backwards so that its position could be located.

    • 1.2Sport

      posición feminine
      • Don't we need provisions in player contracts that require the players to accept positions on the Olympic team?
      • The opening quarter was a game of dueling field positions.
      • If you do it sooner, you might miss out on some players at other positions who immediately can fill starting roles.
      • We just had a quality group of players at all positions, including defense, offense, and special teams.
      • Third base once was a position flush with players with outsize offensive numbers.
      • Having two of the world's best players in key positions certainly helps a team be considered great.
      • Smith is putting an emphasis on speed at all defensive positions and wants every player moving to the ball at top speed to create turnovers.
      • All defensive players have shifted positions according to the rules for this defense.
      • Fortunately for the team, second base and left field are positions where leadoff hitters can be found, making the task a little easier.
      • The reason is the team thinks it has several players who play multiple positions.
      • This is one of the deeper areas of the team because several players can play two positions.
      • Players switching positions is as old as the game itself.
      • Good coaching is putting your players in positions where they have a chance to be successful.
      • The team spent the rest of the draft wisely looking for backups at depth-shy positions and special team players.
      • The players at the power positions for this team look as though they've spent the past six months losing weight, not lifting weights.
      • Shortstop and third base are the positions the team is most concerned with entering the 2001 season.
      • This will be a classic battle between two of the premier players at their positions.
      • Each player is assigned one position and he can only play that particular spot all year.
      • You have only to look at his record of assists and willingness to pass to players in better positions to see that.
      • There is enough money available to go after the best at those positions, or the team could sign second-tier players who would provide upgrades.

  • 2

    • 2.1(posture)

      posición feminine
      postura feminine
      • First, a laser can be aimed from awkward positions, like reclining in bed or sprawled on the floor.
      • The big pile of bedding to the left is our futons which I've expertly arranged into a sitting position.
      • Perhaps it's some leftover pack instinct, when my dog folds himself into the most uncomfortable positions in order to nuzzle my face when I'm upset.
      • It was a reclined position tricycle that you lay down in to use.
      • Chair arms should be used only if they do not obstruct your sitting position and posture
      • They can be reclined to a flat position providing a full length sleeping area.
      • He stretched and arched his back, which was aching from the position he had been reclining in.
      • We started with some yoga positions, including 12 postures of suryanamaskar.
      • More fuel is used to get a vehicle moving from a stationary position, causing more pollution.
      • For example, the hands can contract into positions in which they can't be used.
      • When ready to pounce the wasp moves swiftly when its prey is usually in a stationary position.
      • When pasting the red paper on the door, the character fu must be arranged in an upside-down position.
      • These cards would then be arranged in their correct positions to make up a whole orchestra.
      • When the water subsided, his body was recovered in the exact position.
      • Among the items on the second list were stress positions for up to 45 minutes, sleep deprivation for up to 72 hours and use of muzzled dogs.
      • Is it hard on a vehicle for it to idle in a stationary position for long periods of time - and why or why not?
      • The walls, which can be moved to any number of positions, have been arranged so that visitors can enjoy intriguing and compelling vistas of Klee's works.

    • 2.2(stance, point of view)

      postura feminine
      posición feminine
      • In the meantime, he called on the government to clarify its position on the matter.
      • Now if France wants to take a different position on certain issues, fine, I don't mind, why should that make me worry?
      • His position on euthanasia grew from a principled view of patients' rights.
      • He simply assumes that the liberal position on these issues is unassailable.
      • That would have meant abandoning the conference and pushing the executive's position to rank and file members.
      • I explained my position on the republic in terms which I won't repeat here but which are set out on my website.
      • The prime minister has made his position clear: ‘The law must be the law, no matter who you are or what influence you have,’ he declared.
      • For his part, Okalik said his position on the human rights law remains unchanged.
      • I apologise for the way in which my position on decommissioning was misrepresented.
      • He said his position on a public inquiry would not be changing.
      • What is worse is that they assume that their view constitutes a feminist position on the issue.
      • Regardless of your viewpoint, the chances are that you hold a passionate position on this argument.
      • Factionalism implies a degree of coherence or constraint in a group's position on issues: we expect certain policy positions to go together.
      • This article states the libertarian position on immigration in a fairly reasonable way.
      • The orthodox view can then be contrasted with the revisionist position on these issues.
      • Opinions, ideas, viewpoints, positions, perspectives, angles, impressions - now these I can handle.
      • Some will remember that these pages have indicated my position on a number of Harris' policies.
      • Could you state your position on the referendum, and in what ways have you been misunderstood?
      • Is it possible to take a position on violence as a means towards an end, regardless of the nature of that end?

  • 3

    • 3.1

      (in hierarchy) posición feminine
      (in league) puesto masculine
      (in league) lugar masculine
      in second/third position en segundo/tercer puesto / lugar
      • I am now considering my options in relation to my position in the Labour party.
      • Now the whole social situation, including the position of women, has become more complex.
      • When it comes to the interviewees' relative positions on the status scales, the interviewer was, in fact, blind.
      • He considered the position of women in his society as a form of slavery.
      • Starting the day in first position after the first round, Watson continued from where he left off to win the title.
      • Women typically use the speech style they do because they are in less powerful positions in relation to men.
      • What seems to remain the same, however, is that men retain their monopoly of positions involving power and authority.
      • How should a writer determine his/her position in relation to the rest of humanity?
      • Everyone wants to play for each other, but we're all in different positions at club level, so some will be out to prove a point
      • Women don't emerge from sexual exploitation into positions of power, respect or admiration.
      • But this race was all about Fernandez and from his leading position he was not going to allow Hartl get within striking distance of his direct trip to the semi-final.
      • A good overall education program should promote understanding of the cooperative's character, governance, finances, policies, operations and market position.
      • I feel languorous about my world, and of my position and importance in it.

    • 3.2formal (job, post)

      puesto masculine
      a position of responsibility/trust un puesto de responsabilidad/confianza
      • Britain's biggest insurer said it would attempt to find alternative employment for those staff whose positions are affected.
      • He had been offered a position at Berlin University and Minna and her family were keen to move there.
      • He received a position at the University of Rostock but was appointed to a lectureship at Groningen in the same year.
      • Most people in high level government positions today are intimately connected with big business.
      • He held positions of importance in the government but was relieved of these posts by President Bashir in 1999-2000.
      • There are some paid positions, but at levels below what any mainstream publication would consider a skeleton staff.
      • At that time, I was running for elections for the position of external relations Officer.
      • I accepted and became the first Jew to hold a tenured position in the mathematics department.
      • Some agency positions would be affected by the reduction by the end of 2003.
      • Mr Andrew Laing took up the position on Monday, succeeding Mr Graeme Napier, who has recently been made a sheriff.
      • An increase in the number of junior and senior level positions is now evident, but recruitment continues at a relatively sluggish pace.
      • Brewing has become a fashionable career option for women, who are going on to fill positions at senior level in the industry.
      • Why do so few women make it top level positions - not just in corporations but in science and engineering?
      • The president has filled a number of high level positions since being re-elected.
      • His resignation from his position on Monday afternoon last came as a big shock to the soccer public in Waterford.
      • This would secure jobs and create new positions, he asserted.
      • In addition to his mathematics position, he was appointed to a divinity lectureship in 1845.
      • An often-impenetrable glass ceiling limits many women seeking executive level positions in corporate America.
      • We have therefore decided to decline the offer of discussions on a possible position on the Liberal Democrat executive.
      • It usually appoints its cronies to positions of importance.

    • 3.3(social standing)

      posición feminine

  • 4

    (situation, circumstances)
    situación feminine
    our economic position has improved nuestra situación económica ha mejorado
    • the workforce is in a strong bargaining position los trabajadores están en una buena posición para negociar
    • what's the current position with regard to deliveries? ¿cúal es la situación con respecto a las entregas?
    • it put us in a difficult/an awkward position nos puso en una situación difícil/delicada
    • (if I were) in your position yo que tú
    • put yourself in my position ponte en mi lugar
    • Jean's in the best position to know Jean es quien mejor puede saberlo
    • you're in no position to criticize no eres la persona más indicada para criticar
    • I'm not in a position to help them at the moment en este momento no estoy en condiciones de prestarles ayuda
    • I'm in the fortunate position of having a private income tengo la suerte de disponer de rentas
    • Any significant increase in costs could affect the financial position adversely.
    • Your Honour, the position is this in relation to the conduct of the matter so far.
    • After all, the government says it will continuously review its position as the situation changes.
    • I am not in a position to judge the financial standing of either company.
    • A council spokesperson said he was not in a position to answer the query on the double yellow lines.

transitive verb

  • 1

    police had been positioned at both ends of the street habían apostado policías a ambos extremos de la calle
    • he positioned himself between the two guests of honor se ubicó entre los dos invitados de honor
    • As a general rule, you should always avoid positioning a child's cot too close to the entrance door of the bedroom.
    • Matt nodded and stood up, carefully positioning his arms underneath her and picking up her small form.
    • She watched him grab the chair and positioned it in front of her and sat resting a foot on his knee.
    • The cafeteria lunch servers are positioned near the doors with bags of chips, cookies, and soda in case you need a quick recharge.
    • Maines prefers to balance objects together before welding to compare different ways of positioning her sculptures.
    • Stand with one leg slightly bent behind you, positioning your foot on a small, sturdy rock or stump no more than a foot high.
    • For dinner on the second evening, Captain Lampe positioned the ship near the walls of the Monaco glacier.
    • The restaurant is conveniently positioned near West Croydon train station, with plenty of parking space.
    • When installing a boiler, you need to think about ventilation and positioning the flue.
    • Many cameras were poorly positioned when first installed, while others are more than ten years old, it is claimed.
    • The rain stopped as soon as we had positioned ourselves in the doors and windows overlooking the lawn and the porch.
    • Grabbing a chair, she positioned it underneath a particular spot on the ceiling.
    • They also say that positioning the radiators on the opposite side of the room from the window can cause draughts.
    • The property is beautifully positioned on a large site, with ample space for an extension.
    • The driver positioned the car so that the front passenger door was right in front of me.
    • Native or closely related species of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and grasses are positioned close to the perimeter.
    • Overall, the instruments are well positioned, and twin cowls for the main dials add to the car's overall sporting theme.
    • The staff can keep an eye on everyone from their centrally positioned work station.
    • Unusually, the petrol flap release button is positioned in the middle of the driver's door panel.
    • Remove the liner from the adhesive back and press it against the bottom of the door, positioning it for maximum contact with the floor.