Translation of positively in Spanish:


de forma concluyente, adv.

Pronunciation: /ˈpɑztɪvli//ˈpɒzətɪvli//ˈpɑzədɪvli/


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    • 1.1(definitely)

      (prove) de forma concluyente
      (prove) de forma fehaciente
      the body has not yet been positively identified todavía no se ha hecho una identificación definitiva del cadáver
      • The very latest technology involves ‘facial recognition’ - a system that can positively identify a suspect instantly simply from his or her face.
      • She couldn't positively identify any of the men shown in the pictures - until, on her third and final visit to his office, Price pulled out another file.
      • And as I went over to meet with the families and be briefed this morning, there was speculation from some of the media that we had identified 60 positively.
      • As noted earlier, only an expert can positively identify a substance as biological growth and lab analysis may be required for final confirmation.
      • Despite downplaying the role of the forensic pathologist, it remains a key one in positively identifying the individual, the cause of death and helping to piece together how it happened.
      • U.S. officials have already played down the importance of visually identifying the men, saying their dental and medical records positively identified the brothers.
      • The mini - subs only carry explosive charges when a mine has been positively identified and the detonators are pressure-sensitive to explode at depths of more than 10 metres.
      • Sitting alone on the stage with only his trademark flask of tea and his pipe for company, the old boy positively exudes optimism.
      • There were around 100 people at the Blue Lagoon on Saturday and a number of them thought they saw a vehicle, which has not yet been positively identified, being driven erratically at the top of the cliff.
      • Experts are still working to identify positively the sources of the outbreaks.
      • Finally, that evening, both drivers were called to account but both continued to deny having ever seen it, and, after the passage of time, neither could be positively identified as the recipient.
      • During his testimony on Friday, Lewis said Joseph was positively identified by Jones during a line-up at the station.
      • One hundred percent of every person who comes onboard is screened, positively identified, and tracked in our system, while they're with us as a passenger or a crewmember.
      • Three men were detained, but since witnesses failed to positively identify them as the attackers, they will not be charged in this case.
      • It was stored in a freezer and positively identified this morning.
      • Two eyewitnesses positively identified Mr Porter as the killer.
      • I want to emphasize that I am positively for this ticket.
      • We have to through the dental work and DNA to positively identify that's her.
      • Her grandmother also positively identified the man.
      • As many as 250 people have been positively identified as descendants of Thomas Rice.
      • Police have positively identified the bulk of a mob of 274 cattle, allegedly stolen from properties and saleyards in Victoria and New South Wales.
      • It felt very happy about circumstances, it was positively humming with optimism.
      • Yesterday evening New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik announced that just 152 bodies had been recovered, of which 92 had been positively identified.

    • 1.2(absolutely)

      (delighted/furious) verdaderamente
      the food is positively awful la comida es malísima
      • this is positively your last chance decididamente, esta es tu última oportunidad
      • Many of those places are positively dangerous and it is surprising that there have not been clamours to have them made safer by the removal of parked vehicles.
      • Once the pride of Russia's armed forces, the Northern Fleet has been allowed to degenerate to a state in which it is positively dangerous for the ships to put to sea.
      • In fact, today weak cover can be positively dangerous to anyone trying to work under deep cover.
      • In some sense it's in danger of being positively offensive to someone who has suffered horrific evils to hear that it is all for a greater good and that the theodicist is really quite happy with it all in the end.
      • I exchanged a surprised look with Andy who looked positively speechless.
      • I looked positively exhausted, but surprisingly, I was feeling better after my conversation with Scott.
      • But the Chancellor has never been shy of talking about the need for moral and civic virtue and his welfare policy is positively Presbyterian in its emphasis on salvation by work.
      • His lips were set into a thin line, his eyes narrowed, and he looked positively dangerous.
      • Colonies which declined to accept the full extent of parliamentary supremacy were not merely worthless, they were positively dangerous.
      • Some of these drugs are not only unsuitable but positively dangerous.
      • I am positively surprised how well this really worked out.
      • The terms preceding the words ‘assuming’ not merely do not dispel the reference to market which is the heart of valuation but positively emphasise it.
      • This will certainly be a great amenity as the existing bridge at the eastern end of Athea is positively dangerous, especially for schoolchildren who use it regularly as it has no footpath.
      • The bustle and diversity of the crowd was positively Prom-like, which surprised me as a newcomer to the series (unsure when the coffee would be served).
      • Local legend recalls that the day he came around with his samples was bad enough but the day the orders arrived at the factory was positively dangerous.
      • Although poor visibility can be a nuisance for all of us, there are some activities where it is positively dangerous, and one group of people, where it can be life-threatening, are aircraft pilots.
      • Short-term thinking has many uses in daily life, but at the social level it has become positively dangerous.
      • Not only was it surprisingly good with the cabbage, it positively invited improvisation, drawing to it whatever was in season or especially appealing at the produce stand.
      • The result is that ordinary politics, or perhaps we should say the politics that ordinary people make, is not just foolish but positively dangerous.
      • But instead he emphasizes the importance of fighting drugs, positively encouraging to continue the misallocation of resources.

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    (favorably, constructively)
    we view teaching experience very positively valoramos mucho / muy positivamente la experiencia docente
    • to act positively tener una actitud positiva
    • she contributes positively to class discussions participa activamente en clase