Translation of possess in Spanish:


tener, v.

Pronunciation /pəˈzɛs//pəˈzɛs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (own, have)
    poseer formal
    the case contained all that she possessed la maleta contenía todo lo que tenía / todas sus pertenencias
    • Civil rights are the basic legal rights a person must possess in order to have such a status.
    • The world is brimming with countries that possess chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.
    • But if the enemy possesses chemical, radiological, bacteriological, or nuclear weapons, they need succeed only once.
    • This healthy attitude derives from belonging to the Dutch Antilles and possessing the sixth biggest natural harbour in the world.
    • I suspect that pressure has been put on prisoners possessing intelligence information in every war, and I think what should also keep in mind who these people might have been.
    • Regardless, all their lives, the duke and duchess had to deny that they possessed any jewels belonging to the royal family.
    • For travellers looking to venture off the beaten path, Wu Zhen, a water town possessing a cultural heritage of 1,000 years in north Zhejiang Province, is the place to go.
    • It, through the licensing authority, imposes a tax on anyone who possesses a television set but provides a varying range of services depending on where you live.
    • Leaders have to go with the actual knowledge they possess at the time.
    • It is a temporary metropolis of tents, possessing every luxury, including generators, refrigerators, and (as far as I can understand) electric blankets.
    • In the North, 34.5% own credit and charge cards with 53% possessing a cash dispenser card.
    • In some regions, one often came across innocent women branded as witches and lynched by villagers who wanted to possess the land and property belonging to the victims.
    • They were bidding everything they had, fortunes, homes, businesses, tools, their futures on possessing a prized bulb that might break.
    • When TV Licensing officials call round, householders often claim they do not possess a television.
    • The company already lays claim to possessing the largest home delivery network in the world and the only one as yet to make a profit.
  • 2

    (grip, influence)
    (anger/fear) apoderarse de
    jealousy possessed him fue presa de los celos
    • A feeling of loneliness possessed my whole being.
    • The prosecution is urged to go on a fast to purge itself of whatever bad thoughts possessed it to even bring this one to trial.
    • While the words ‘vegetarian’ and ‘haggis’ have never been made to rhyme the idea possesses me with a burning curiosity.
    • For some it's love, others jealousy, others the need of power, others wonder, and finally there are those who's greed finally possesses them to kill themselves.
    • This anxious state of mind was what possessed me as I biked towards the river.
    • These thoughts possessed her mind as she slipped out of the Great Hall quietly and unnoticed.
    • He got into the face of men who were killing innocent people in whatever frenzied state of mind possessed them.
    • However it got there, the idea possessed her consciousness.
    • Her chest heaved, as the fear still possessed her mind in its clutches as well as the guilt.
    • He was always possessed by the idea that they would get at him if they could, you know, they would poison the fillings in his teeth, so paranoia stemmed out very easily from him.
    • Even the makers of commercial films appear to be possessed by this idea.
    • He charged down the sidewalk not slowing down; a spirit of determination and passion possessed his body sending it charging in the nearest phone booth.
    • Yet, he also understood the fear possessing Indira.