Translation of possessed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /pəˈzɛst//pəˈzɛst/


  • 1

    to be possessed (by the devil) estar endemoniado
    • Possessed individuals often took advantage of their situation to blaspheme or behave in shockingly immoral fashion.
    • At one point, a character huddles on a bed and watches the door as she waits for her possessed friend to bust in.
    • My sense of foreboding wasn't helped by the possessed woman, who was talking in a language from the north that she had never learnt.
    • Everyone jumped at the mention of a witch, afraid that they would be the next person to become a possessed victim of their mysterious black magic.
    • An exorcism is a religious rite for driving Satan or evil spirits out of a possessed person, place, or thing.
    • He is a slightly possessed, haunted, eccentric man; his enemies prefer to say ' insane '.
    • I expected to find a possessed fanatic, yet this was not the case.
    • Here the Devil can cause the possessed person to say or do evil things.
    • During the experiment, state-of-the-art neuro-imaging technology will be used to monitor the brain activity of a supposedly possessed man.
    • The mother of a possessed little girl is talking to the recently arrived priest who is going to perform an exorcism.
    • The possessed Johannes predicts her death, and she dies.
    • Pretty soon Ash is the only sane person left, and he must battle the possessed Cheryl and Scott.
    • But first the possessed person must be in a state of trance.
    • Maya decodes a numerical warning left by a demonically possessed sociopath.
    • The makeup on the possessed characters is appropriately disgusting, with blank white eyes, and overly large distorted mouths.
    • Their identity can only be guessed at by the symptoms of the possessed person, and also by the astrological calculations of our Brahmins.
    • She was the opposite of possessed; she was vacated.
    • This feature is equally apparent in the story of the healing of the possessed boy.
    • Instead of creating the usual digital effects, Jennifer Carpenter, the daughter of film director John Carpenter, convincingly distorts her body to portray the possessed girl.
    • Ritual possession may end abruptly when the possessed person becomes limp or falls with exhaustion.